Create an Online Health Coaching Empire

Online health coaching is at a nascent stage in its evolution, but it is growing, and it will continue to grow in the future. Do you want to be able to grow with it? Do you want to ride the wave of prosperity as the field of health coaching, and its sub-field, online health coaching, continues to expand? The Health Coaching Revolution There is a health revolution going on in the United States. Getting healthy is on everyone's mind – even if they aren't yet practicing healthy habits. … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Ensure the Best Life Coach Training Online

Life coach training online makes it easy to become a life coach and get started in a great career.  Most everyone has a computer and a few hundred bucks. That’s about all anyone needs to seek out life coaching training online. That’s about all anyone needs to get started on a dynamic and rewarding career. How to Start a Career as a Life Coach The life coaching industry is growing and will most likely continue to grow for many years to come. Life coaching has gone mainstream and has become … [Read more...]

Should You Take an Online Coaching Principles Course?

Should you take an online coaching principles course? Should you spend the time and money to take an online course that teaches the principles of coaching? When you sign up to become a coach, you accept the fact that you will continue your education until the day your career ends. You must constantly pursue new skills, learn new theories, and gain more knowledge.  So, any good course will add value to your coaching, and any good course will make you a better coach. Are You an Experienced … [Read more...]

How to Find the Right Online Coaching Education

There are no shortage of programs offering online coaching education; there are hundreds and hundreds of coaching programs around the world. There are over 400 accredited International Coach Federation (ICF) programs, and there are countless others accredited by other organizations or not accredited at all. Of course, not all of these are online, but many of them are. Yes, online coach education is ubiquitous, which means you have to do some homework to find the one that fits your needs. Do … [Read more...]

6 Keys to Becoming a Successful Online Personal Coach

Are you a personal coach who wants to move at least part of your business online and become an online personal coach? If so, it’s not that hard, but it does take a little knowledge, work, and patience. If You’re Not Already Online, Why Not? Are you coaching online yet? If not, it’s time you moved your business into the 21st century. Here are a few benefits of becoming an online personal coach: Flexibility. It’s more flexible for you, and more flexible for your clients, and that … [Read more...]

There is a Need for a Good Online Coaching – Wikipedia Article

When you look up “Online Coaching Wikipedia” in Google, the first result is “Coaching – Wikipedia” and the second result is “Online Coaching – Wikipedia.” What’s weird about the result is that the title is in English, but the remainder of the article is in Dutch. Of course, you can use the translate feature and turn it into English, but why does it come up in Dutch? What Happened to this Wikipedia Article? Once you translate the article into English, you would think you’d be presented with … [Read more...]

What is an Online Coaching Wiki?

Anyone ever hear of an online coaching wiki? Do you know what an online coach wiki is? Should you care? What’s a Wiki? Wiki is a website that allows for a collaborative editing of its content by users. The term was supposedly coined by Howard Cunningham, who developed the first wiki in 1995 called WikiWikiWeb. Mr. Cunningham, on his first trip to Hawaii, was informed by an airport worker that he needed to take the wiki wiki bus to get to the other airport terminal. At first he didn’t … [Read more...]

Benefits of Running an Online Coaching Business

Today’s technology has given us the ability to connect with other people like never before and has made running an online coaching business a feasible option. When technology is used correctly, it elevates the potential of success for your coaching business. In recent years, about half of the small businesses in the U.S. have expanded their customer base by creating an online presence. Let’s take a look at some advantages of creating an online coaching business. A Global … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Scammed by Online Coaching Services

It's fairly easy to find online coaching services. It doesn't matter what type of coach you are seeking – life, career, wealth, health, or business – online services are plentiful. But, are these online coaching services all they claim to be? Do they really offer value and provide outcomes merely through online interactions? Buyer Beware Online Counterfeit products and over-hyped services abound on the Internet. Scammers have existed since the beginning of time, but the Internet has … [Read more...]

Where to Find Free Online Coaching Research and Information

Looking to do a little online coaching research? It's not hard to find information about coaching with Google and a few clicks of your mouse. In fact, information is everywhere – weeding through the useless information to find something that is meaningful is more of a problem. Where to Find Free Online Coaching Information The best place to do online coaching research is YouTube. You can find most everything on YouTube, including information about coaching. If you put “coaching … [Read more...]