3 Ways to Ensure the Best Life Coach Training Online

Life coach training online makes it easy to become a life coach and get started in a great career.  Most everyone has a computer and a few hundred bucks. That’s about all anyone needs to seek out life coaching training online. That’s about all anyone needs to get started on a dynamic and rewarding career. How to Start a Career as a Life Coach The life coaching industry is growing and will most likely continue to grow for many years to come. Life coaching has gone mainstream and has become … [Read more...]

Is Life Coach Training Online Really Any Good?

Is life coach training online really any good? It can be, but only up to a point. Online training is very powerful. Let’s see how much you can learn through it to become a coach. What Can You Learn Online? Almost anything. It is possible to create very sophisticated computer simulations that create a virtual coaching reality. Using such sophisticated simulations, NASA trains astronauts and the Pentagon teaches the military how to make decisions and how to deal with foreign cultures. But what … [Read more...]

Life Coach Training Online, Does It Work?

Does life coach training onlinereally work? Well, it can, but you have got to really watch out for some landmines. This blog gives you guidelines on what to look for and what can make all the difference. As organizations from in-house training groups to prestigious Ivy League Universities explore how to do more training online, several important distinctions are emerging; here is how they apply to coach’s training. Look for “Blended” Programs A “blended” program is one that combines live group … [Read more...]