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Online health coaching is at a nascent stage in its evolution, but it is growing, and it will continue to grow in the future. Do you want to be able to grow with it? Do you want to ride the wave of prosperity as the field of health coaching, and its sub-field, online health coaching, continues to expand?

Online Health Coaching
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The Health Coaching Revolution

There is a health revolution going on in the United States. Getting healthy is on everyone’s mind – even if they aren’t yet practicing healthy habits. Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi – there are all types of health classes that you never even heard about twenty years ago.

There are also a growing number of health coaches, and more health organizations and HMOs are realizing the benefit of health coaching to supplement their medical services.

The country is fat and getting fatter, yet the people have a collective desire to take action. They may be slow to take that action, but the burning desire is there. A health revolution is on the horizon. Without a doubt, some of that revolution will be headed online.

The Online Health Revolution

Wearable fitness monitors, unique fitness classes, home fitness programs, and more! It’s a great time for health coaches to conform to the times and become online health coaches. It’s a great time to build an online health coaching empire!

Build an Online Health Coaching Empire

Here are the steps need to build a coaching empire online. These are tips and suggestions – some may be skipped and others may be needed, depending on your situation, experience, and passions.

  • Have a well-defined target audience – this takes research and work. Know who you want to target, know if they can pay your rates, and do you have the passion for helping them achieve and succeed.
  • Have the ability to offer outcomes to your target market. Know what outcomes they seek and make sure you have the skills and talents to provide them with those desired outcomes.
  • Create a unique selling proposition. Don’t try to appeal to everyone – try to appeal to your target market. Who do you help, how do you help them, and how will you hold them accountable? These are the questions you form into a unique selling proposition.
  • Create proof of your greatness. Basically, this is just testimonials and reviews. You should have a good body of testimonials to back up your claims., If you are just starting out, this may be difficult, but for those experienced coaches, your success should be documented!
  • Know your competition. A big part of building an online health coaching empire is knowing your competitors. You should know your competitors in your local area and also your online competition. Know their pricing, the various packages and sales they offer, the outcomes they achieve, the sales propositions they make, the way they market and promote – know everything and anything about them!
  • Supplement your basic online coaching with additional products. These additional products, such as books, articles, DVDs, seminars, workshops, and more, not only provide additional support and evidence of your coaching, they also create additional streams of income. Additional streams of income are what really boost your income and your visibility.

If you follow these steps, and take you time in building a reputable and ubiquitous online presence, you’ll be on your way to building and sustaining an online health coaching empire.

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
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  1. Nathan says

    Great ideas Fred! Very helpful too! I agree that our health is as they say “wealth.” Knowing how to take care of it is important and health coaching is our way of helping others. Because of the net, we are able to extend our reach and we should make use of it to build our online business.

  2. Marian says

    This article has me thinking that it is true, so many millennials today are conscious of their body and they want to know all about keeping themselves healthy. Coming up with an online health coaching is just another way to keep up with our health since almost everyone is on the web and this one will garner a lot of attention because of how accessible it is.

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