Benefits of Running an Online Coaching Business

Today’s technology has given us the ability to connect with other people like never before and has made running an online coaching business a feasible option. When technology is used correctly, it elevates the potential of success for your coaching business. In recent years, about half of the small businesses in the U.S. have expanded their customer base by creating an online presence. Let’s take a look at some advantages of creating an online coaching business.

A Global Presence

Technology allows you to be able to connect with clients anywhere in the world. Clients can find life coaches far and wide. They have the opportunity to find a coach that will be the perfect fit for them to work with. This is a great benefit for coaches who specialize in specific niches. Being an online coach makes it easier for niche focused coaches to market to their ideal clients.

Coaches Can Lead a Tribe

You may have heard of the term “tribe” used in business these day (like in Seth Godin’s book with the same title “tribes”). It’s when like-minded people are connected to each other, an idea, or a leader. As a coach, you can expand your sphere of influence and guide people toward positively changing their lives by leading a tribe. Many online business owners have blogs that maintain a connection to clients and customers who regularly follow them. Coaches can use this same strategy to build a loyal client base.

Multiple Ways to Communicate With Clients

There are various ways to communicate with clients. Face-to-face coaching sessions are great. However, they aren’t possible if you want to reach the full scope of potential clients that need you. When you’re not able to meet with clients in person, there are various ways to coach them efficiently by using any of today’s communication tools:

-The phone – This is the most obvious tool that can be used to conduct coaching sessions from a distance. A coaching session over the phone shouldn’t be devalued compared to an in-person session. It’s better for a client to receive coaching from someone that they resonate with at a distance, compared to being coached by someone that they don’t resonate with, face-to-face. Having a genuine connection with a client is powerful for the coaching relationship. Although lots of coaches use their mobiles phones, you should have the best audio connection possible by using a fully wired at&t style connection, a good Plantronics amplifier, and headset with full volume control.

-Email – This should not be used as an exclusive means of communication. But, through the use of email messages, you can create opportunities that will encourage clients to take the time to reflect on their thought processes and goals, as they write what they want to say. Some coaches use email as a major way to communicate, coach, and offer ongoing accountability and support between phone sessions.

-Text Messaging – Also, not something to be used exclusively; text messaging allows spur of the moment communication that can aid a client in remaining accountable for getting things done and feeling the satisfaction of sharing the news of its completion. This is becoming more and more common, so you should consider this avenue for some client communications.

-Video-chat and voice phone services – Services like Skype, Google Hangouts, and GoToWebinar allow online coaching sessions to be almost as interpersonal as face-to-face contact. Learning to get comfortable using this type of technology can help you to create a strong coaching presence in the lives of your clients who are at a distance.

The Freedom to Travel or Not to Travel

You can take your online coaching business with you anywhere. If you have the proper tools, your business can be as mobile or as stationary as you would like it to be. You’re free to work from home and not have to commute to a remote office location. On the other hand, you can also enjoy extensive traveling while you run your business.

A Versatile Online Coaching Business

Using a combination of communication tools will create a versatile online coaching business. When used to the fullest extent, technology will greatly enhance the way you coach. Get creative with it. For example, use apps and Google Forms and collaborative documents to aid clients with tracking their fitness goals, or for improving their time management skills.

We are already connected with potential clients in many ways and through so much technology. You just have to tap into it. Don’t shy away from technology thinking that it’s impersonal. It’s actually quite the opposite. And, when used strategically, it can help you to develop an amazing coaching practice online, with innovative coaching methodologies.

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Cheryl McKinney
Life Coach
Writing Team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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    There are so many benefits of having your own online coaching business. Love your post, great read.

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    Thanks for sharing! Coaching has so many advantages today with all the available technology. It’s amazing!

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    This is really great. Now a days everything is on the web and people would rather search for things on the web so this could really be convenient,

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