The Online Personal Coach – Saving the World One Person at a Time

Author and poet Charles Bukowski wasn't describing an online personal coach when he penned this line in Tales of Ordinary Madness: “You begin saving the world by saving one man at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.” Now, you may not believe an online personal coach has anything to do with saving the world, and you may have a point. But, nothing gets accomplished unless you begin at the beginning. And at the beginning is the individual; the lone person seeking help. What … [Read more...]

5 Keys to Effective Online Sales Coaching

One of the best ways to coach your sales team is through online sales coaching. It is convenient, timely, doesn't require a large conference room, and the meeting can be recorded and played back for future reference at any time. Though online sales coaching is different in some ways than traditional sales coaching (either one-on-one or group), there are many similar factors that can make it extremely effective or a total waste of time. More companies are beginning to see the value of sales … [Read more...]

Want to Be an Online Training Coach…Now?

Do you want to be an online training coach? Do you love sports and helping people achieve fitness or a higher level in their sport? Becoming an online training coach is a great way to reach more people and serve a greater number of athletes. People rely on the Internet and internet services more and more each year. People are beginning to look online for ways to get in shape, lose weight, and train to become better in their chosen sport. More and more athletic trainers and fitness gurus are … [Read more...]

Get Your Career Started With Online Wellness Coaching Programs

Being a wellness coach requires a unique set of skills which can be acquired through the right online wellness coaching programs. These skills are often not taught in traditional coaching programs as wellness coaching is a relatively new segment of the coaching industry. Online wellness coaching programs can help teach the skills and knowledge needed for coaches to work with individuals and groups who want to make changes to their health and their lifestyle. Wellness coaching programs are the … [Read more...]

The Theory and Techniques of Coaching Online

If I wanted to teach a class on the theory and techniques of coaching online, what would it cover? What topics could I teach my students that would best prepare them for starting an online coaching business? My Theory and Techniques of Coaching Online class would have to prepare both existing and new coaches for the exciting opportunity to reach more clients around the world and supercharge a new revenue stream. The Theory and Techniques of Coaching Online 101 The first topic covered … [Read more...]

What is Online Life Coaching and Why Should You Care?

What is online life coaching and why should you care? As we continue to move toward a society that revolves around wireless communication and our increasingly advanced wireless devices, online life coaching becomes even more important. Coaches should care – online coaching may mean a significant alternate source of revenue. Who has time to meet their life coach at an office? More and more people are finding it beneficial to have a life coach, but harder to make the time to meet them at … [Read more...]

These Words Equal Success – Certification Coach Life Online

This jumbled mess of words – certification coach life online – does not make a grammatically correct sentence or even a comprehensible phrase, but if you put these words together in the coaching industry, you can find financial and personal success as a coach. Certification coach life online is more comprehensible if we take a look at each word separately and then put them all back together at the end. Dissecting the Words – Certification Coach Life Online Certification. What does having a … [Read more...]

OH NO – How do I Set My Personal Coaching Fees?

When starting out in the coaching business, there are many decision that need to be made, but none are as dreaded as decision to be made on your personal coaching fees. How much do I charge? Will it be too high? To low? Will it keep clients away? Or will it bring them through my door? Questions Abound! Will my clients be able to afford my rates? Will low rates bring in the wrong types of clients? Should I charge less than the competition because I am new to coaching? Will … [Read more...]

Is Life Coach Training Online Really Any Good?

Is life coach training online really any good? It can be, but only up to a point. Online training is very powerful. Let’s see how much you can learn through it to become a coach. What Can You Learn Online? Almost anything. It is possible to create very sophisticated computer simulations that create a virtual coaching reality. Using such sophisticated simulations, NASA trains astronauts and the Pentagon teaches the military how to make decisions and how to deal with foreign cultures. But what … [Read more...]

Online Life Coach Certification Is Strictly BS

Online life coach certification sounds pretty good. Heck you can get a PhD from an accredited university online, so why not life coach certification. That is simple. If your PhD program is simply a bunch of information delivered strictly online or strictly from a bunch of books, it would be BS, too. (And by BS, I don’t mean anything clever like “brilliantly simple.”) Here is how to judge the merits of a life coach certification program delivered online or any other way. There Is a Lot More to … [Read more...]