There is a Need for a Good Online Coaching – Wikipedia Article

When you look up “Online Coaching Wikipedia” in Google, the first result is “Coaching – Wikipedia” and the second result is “Online Coaching – Wikipedia.” What’s weird about the result is that the title is in English, but the remainder of the article is in Dutch. Of course, you can use the translate feature and turn it into English, but why does it come up in Dutch?

Online Coaching
Online Coaching

What Happened to this Wikipedia Article?

Once you translate the article into English, you would think you’d be presented with plenty of useful information about online coaching. You would think you could learn all about online coaching. Well, you would be wrong. I realize that teachers and professors don’t want their students using Wikipedia as a resource, but Wikipedia is usually an excellent source of valuable and mostly accurate information. However, this article leaves way too much to be desired!

This Online Coaching Wiki article only has four paragraphs, which contain very little useful information. The article is also poorly written and really not worth the time it evens takes to click on it!

A Good Online Coaching – Wikipedia Article

Someone should write a good article about online coaching for Wikipedia. It could be used as a reference and a starting point when searching for more information about online coaching.

What would a good online coaching Wikipedia article contain?  Here are a few suggestions, just in case you want to write one!

  • What is online coaching? Describe how it is done, its development over the past decade or so, and its continuing rise in popularity.
  • What are the benefits of online coaching for clients and coaches?  Describe how online coaching can help a coach get more clients, build a brand, extend their reputation, and reach potential clients outside their geographical region. Describe how it offers convenience, flexibility, and perhaps cost savings for the client. Emphasize that it is a win/win for everyone involved.
  • What technology is used and how each type of technology is beneficial for both coaches and clients? Talk about email, webinars, YouTube, and archived articles.
  • Have a section on the different types of coaching that can be done online – life, health, wealth, and more. Discuss the pros and cons of online coaching for different coaching niches – for example, it might be easier to do health coaching online than it is to be an online executive coach.
  • Discuss the future of online coaching. Give information on how it might adapt to new technology and the ways that coaches will be able to reach more people with the rapid advancement of technology.

Someone Please Write a Wikipedia Article About Online Coaching

You can find most anything on Wikipedia, so it seems strange that the article about online coaching – Wikipedia is mostly just a stub, and a very poorly written stub. This should be corrected. So many people are attempting to find out more information about coaching, and a Wikipedia is a good place for people to learn the basics

Here’s your chance, coaches, to do something that can make a difference for the masses – the masses of Internet users who count on Wikipedia for their informational needs. Write the definite article about online coaching for Wikipedia.

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
Writing Team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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  1. Flavio Vizzini says

    I hope that this thing would be fix so that we can be informative. Again Thanks for the post Fred

  2. Nate says

    This is true! Ive also been a witness to this, it was really weird that not even wikipedia had a good description of online coaching. Maybe if people were more aware of this site, they could be more informed.

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