Where to Find Free Online Coaching Research and Information

Looking to do a little online coaching research? It’s not hard to find information about coaching with Google and a few clicks of your mouse. In fact, information is everywhere – weeding through the useless information to find something that is meaningful is more of a problem.

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Where to Find Free Online Coaching Information

The best place to do online coaching research is YouTube. You can find most everything on YouTube, including information about coaching. If you put “coaching information” into the search box on YouTube, you’ll get nearly a million hits. If you put “life coaching information” into the search box, you’ll still get over 250,000 results.

You can try all types of different search phrases to get the information you want. If you are doing online coaching research on how to start a coaching business, YouTube will give you nearly half a million results. Even something more limited like “finding a coaching niche” will give you nearly 5,000 results.

And it’s all free! Some of the videos are, of course, advertisements to get you to buy someone’s coaching expertise. But, whatever information you find is free!

Find the Valuable When Doing Online Coaching Research

Though YouTube has plenty of information, it’s really quality, not quantity that counts. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff? The only way to really find something valuable when doing research is to watch the videos. Unfortunately, there is no way around it, you have to put in some time when doing online coach research. But, remember, it’s free!

When watching a video, it doesn’t take that long to figure out if it contains something of value. Here’s a few ways to help find the gold buried in the trash:

  • If it sounds like too much hype right from the beginning, it’s probably not worth watching.
  • If you haven’t heard anything of value in the first two or three minutes, it’s probably a waste of time to continue watching.
  • Don’t let poor production quality push you away. Not everyone has access to great equipment, and not everyone looks like a star in front of the camera. Some of the best information is found on videos that are simple and free of any bells and whistles.

Udemy – Another Great Site For Information

You can also do online coaching research at Udemy, where you can find free or low-cost information on many topics, including coaching. It’s an easy site to use, has a huge and varied catalog of courses, many of which are free. The one thing to watch out for is that many of the free courses seek to upsell users to paid versions.

Free is Good

Free online coaching research isn’t that hard to find. There’s plenty of it on the Internet. Yes – you have to take some time to weed out the garbage and find something of value. But, there is plenty of value to be found. Remember, free is good, no, actually, free is great!

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  1. Lloyd Pascual says

    With thousands available, one should really take time to weed out the good from the bad. There’s no better way!

  2. Kathleen says

    This is true! I’ve been looking up online coaching sessions in Youtube and they have a lot to offer.

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