3 Ways to Ensure the Best Life Coach Training Online

Life coach training online makes it easy to become a life coach and get started in a great career.  Most everyone has a computer and a few hundred bucks. That’s about all anyone needs to seek out life coaching training online. That’s about all anyone needs to get started on a dynamic and rewarding career.

Online Coaching
Online Coaching

How to Start a Career as a Life Coach

The life coaching industry is growing and will most likely continue to grow for many years to come. Life coaching has gone mainstream and has become a respected profession. However, because regulations are lacking, anyone can be a life coach.

As the industry matures, clients will be looking for reasons to hire a coach. Competition is increasing and if you don’t have the right training, or any training, you will lose out to those who took the time to get trained. Life coach training online will help you get the right training and be prepared to offer the outcomes clients are seeking.

3 Ways to Ensure the Best Life Coach Training Online

Do Your Homework

I’ll pretend to be your parent here – do your homework No training until you do all your homework!  That’s right – homework is necessary before you begin. Some coaching programs charge thousands while others charge a few hundred. Which one is right for you? You will have no idea until you do your homework. You wouldn’t waste thousands or even hundreds of dollars without doing some research, would you?

Homework includes researching any possible coach program for reputation and reviews, calling the program to see how they respond to your requests, understanding what courses, training, and skills they offer, and determining whether the program fits your budget and schedule.

Homework can also include reading a few books about life coaching to see if it is what you want to do (Walks of Life, by Jill M. Fratto is a good one to read), and doing a self-analysis to see if your traits and abilities are a good fit for life coaching (you can find these online).

Look for ICF Accreditation

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is an organization that promotes and monitors the advancement of the life coaching industry. They have developed practical and rigorous standards that coaching programs, including life coach training online programs, must follow if they want to receive the ICF accreditation. Look to these programs for ones that offer the best and most ethical training.

Passion and Skill make the Coach

Before you begin, make sure you have the passion to be a coach. Though coaching can be rewarding, it also takes patience, hard work, and overcoming obstacles to be successful. Is life coaching something you truly want to do? Are you passionate about helping others?

You also need the skills to be a successful coach. To provide the outcomes clients seek, you must have the right skills to get the job done. Acquiring the skills not only requires a good life coaching training online program (or one taught in person in a more traditional sense), but it demands you work hard to acquire those necessary skills.

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  1. Kimberly says

    Thanks for the advice. Being an online coach has been something I have been seriously considering. I definitely agree that passion and skill make the coach and that getting certification is needed.

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