Should You Take an Online Coaching Principles Course?

Should you take an online coaching principles course? Should you spend the time and money to take an online course that teaches the principles of coaching?

Online Coaching
Online Coaching

When you sign up to become a coach, you accept the fact that you will continue your education until the day your career ends. You must constantly pursue new skills, learn new theories, and gain more knowledge.  So, any good course will add value to your coaching, and any good course will make you a better coach.

Are You an Experienced Coach or a New Coach?

Does it matter if you are an experienced or a new coach when making a decision on taking an online coach principles course? It some ways it does. If you are new, you should immediately get online and find a course on coaching principles. If you are experienced, there is no urgency, but you should definitely consider finding the right online coaching principles course as it will expand your knowledge base and improve your coaching skills.

New or experienced – the more you know, the better you are. New or experienced – the more knowledge you pursue, the more coaching skills you will have with which to help your clients.

What You Will Get from an Online Coaching Principles Course

A good coaching principles course will help you develop as a coach and enhance your ability to offer more outcomes to your clients. Here are a few of the things you can learn from an online coaching principles course:

  • An enhanced ability to define your coaching philosophy and principles.
  • An increased ability to identify, clarify, and define your objectives.
  • The ability to develop multiple styles to work with different types of clients while staying true to your values and core philosophy.
  • Enhance interview, active listening, and communication skills.
  • Enhance motivational and inspirational skills.
  • Learn new and improved leadership skills.

Are Coaching Principles Courses Only for Sports Coaches?

If you search for an online coaching principles course through a search engine, you will probably see many results about courses that pertain to sports coaching. To find one not related to sports coaching will take a little due diligence and patience.

Would it be helpful to take one of those courses that are specific to athletes and sports? That’s a good question and one I don’t see answered online (isn’t there an answer for every question somewhere online?).

However, it might be worthwhile to take one of these courses. First of all, coaching is similar across all fields and segments – many principles translate to different types of coaching. You are trying to set goals and create strategies to reach those goals. You are trying to overcome obstacles and redefine behaviors.

The other reason it might be beneficial to take an online coaching principles course that is sports related is because it is something just a bit different than what you usually take. Who knows what interesting insights or new techniques you can learn from stepping a bit outside the box? It just might give you a small, but significant competitive advantage when working with clients.

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  1. Mason says

    Some might say it’s a waste of time to go through this step but it is really important to undergo this process. Nothing’s wrong with making sure that you are absolutely qualified for the job and what better way than to take coaching principles courses.

  2. Christine says

    Learning is part of an everyday process. Added knowledge never hurt anyone and taking online coaching courses will be of your advantage.

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