What to Ask on an Online Coaching Questionnaire

An online coaching questionnaire is one of the best ways to get information from clients before you begin the coaching sessions. The magic in a coach questionnaire is in the questions you ask and in the way you follow up to those questions. Without the right follow up, the questions won't be potent or powerful. Why Create a Coaching Questionnaire? A comprehensive questionnaire will give you insights into what the client is seeking, and perhaps what is holding them back from reaching … [Read more...]

Building an Online Coaching Library

Having an online coaching library can be used as a marketing tool to attract and retain clients. An online coaching library can serve as a supplement to your coaching sessions and perhaps provide an advantage in a highly competitive industry. Why You Should Build an Online Coaching Library There are many reasons to create online coaching libraries. Here are a few of them: To offer free information to potential clients as a promotional tool. You can send links out to potential … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Online Coaching Software

Choosing the right online coaching software can be a daunting task. With so much software available on the market, how do you find the right one for your needs? Online coaching software can cost you plenty of hard earned cash, or you can find it on a shoestring. But, which is right for your business? Which online coach software will help your coaching business grow and prosper? Before You Buy Coaching Software Before you make the plunge and buy new software for your business, you … [Read more...]

Online Coaching Workshops – Useful or Useless?

Are online coaching workshops the greatest thing since sliced bread, or are they just a waste of valuable time? Do they serve some useful purpose for beginning and experienced coaches, or is face-to-face training far superior? Online coaching training workshops have their pros and cons. I think their benefits far outweigh their cons, and should be an integral part of education for all coaches, no matter how long they have been practicing. The Cons of Online Coaching … [Read more...]

Will You Be a Success in the Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Business?

Online fitness and nutrition coaching is the wave of the future. But, can people really get healthy by sitting in front of your computer? Can you make money coaching fitness online? The Future of Fitness and Nutrition Fitness and nutrition is moving online. No – it won’t all be online, at least it won’t until machines replace man. But, as long as there are humans, there will still be a need for gyms, trails, bikes, weights, and kitchens. Humans have to move, and they have to eat … [Read more...]

Why You Need Online Life Coach Certification Training

Online life coach certification training is one way to prepare yourself for a career as a life coach. So much is found online today, and it's no different with coach training. Many life coaching certification programs are found and conducted online. This make it easier for you...and anyone to get trained – fast! Why You Should Get a Life Coach Certification A 2012 ICF (International Coach Federation) study found that coaching generates an estimated $2 billion (US dollars) revenue … [Read more...]

The Future of Online Health Coaching Jobs

Are there many online health coaching jobs? Is there such a thing as an online health coaching job? If so, where do you sign up! The Health Coaching Revolution Twenty years ago, how many people went to Yoga classes? Twenty years ago, who even knew what Pilates was? There is a health revolution going on in the United States. People see plenty of obese people around them, and they don't want to get that way. Obese people see plenty of skinny, fit people around them, and they want to get … [Read more...]

Should an Online Life Coach Have a Life Offline?

Life coaching is nothing new, but being an online life coach is mostly a 21st century phenomenon. However, the question has been asked before and it will be asked again: Should a life coach have a life? So, updated for our modern times: Should an online life coach have a life offline? Should an Online Life Coach Have an Offline Life? What do we even mean by this question? It is asked when wondering if someone who is perhaps young and inexperienced can be a life coach for someone who is … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Scammed When Creating an Online Life Coaching Business

If you are a life coach practicing the old fashioned way – face-to-face in an office – you may be thinking about starting an online life coaching business. However, if you are hesitating because you couldn't build a website or promote your services on social media if your life depended on it, it is good to know that there are online business coaches who can help you get started. Coaches Want Your Business There are coaches out there who want to coach you – not to make you happier or … [Read more...]

Online Nutrition Coaching Might Be the Next Big Thing

Is there any money in online nutrition coaching? Or, is it just one of the jobs that sound good, but lack viability and financial reward? What is Online Nutrition Coaching? Nutrition coaching is all about getting individuals to understand the importance of good nutrition in living a healthy life. It is all about getting people to alter their behaviors to allow a nutritious diet to be a part of their everyday lives. It is all about combining sensible and healthy dietary habits with an … [Read more...]