6 Keys to Becoming a Successful Online Personal Coach

Are you a personal coach who wants to move at least part of your business online and become an online personal coach? If so, it’s not that hard, but it does take a little knowledge, work, and patience.

Online Coaching
Online Coaching

If You’re Not Already Online, Why Not?

Are you coaching online yet? If not, it’s time you moved your business into the 21st century. Here are a few benefits of becoming an online personal coach:

  • Flexibility. It’s more flexible for you, and more flexible for your clients, and that flexibility will attract more clients to your practice.
  • Saves time. Because you can coach remotely and even use videos to help your clients, online personal coaching takes far less time, freeing you up to do anything else you want!
  • Affordability. Because it takes less time to coach online, you can charge less for your services. Charging less doesn’t mean you’ll be making less – lower fees means more clients will be attracted to your coaching.
  • Additional Products. One of the biggest benefits to coaching online is that it is easy to promote other products and services. Books, DVDs, special coaching programs, connections to other coaches (health, wealth, career, fitness, and more), and much more. This provides more value to your clients and gives you additional streams of income.

6 Keys to Becoming a Successful Online Personal Coach

  1. Walk the Walk
    • You have to have your life together (at least mostly together) to coach others. Take your own advice and achieve your goals and you will be better able to help others achieve theirs.
  2. Seek Guidance
    • Becoming an online personal coach takes some work, skill, and knowledge. Get some help if you don’t understand everything about software, websites, and making videos.
  3. Work Your Butt Off
    • Going online will save you time down the road – but only if you work hard to get your business properly set up. Make videos, create programs for different types of clients, and create a website that is easy to understand and navigate.
  4. Narrow Your Focus
    • It might save time and allow you to focus on a more specific target market if you only try to appeal to a few types of clients. Trying to be the best coach for everyone while you are also trying to get your online business going might be biting off more than you can chew.
  5. Get an Influential Client
    • One of the best ways to get more business is to coach someone who is well-known or influential. Not everyone can snag a celebrity as a client, but there are probably important people in your community or online who can help you promote your business. A local chef, a local business person, or perhaps an online blogger or entrepreneur. Anyone who has a wide circle of influence can help your online personal coach business grow.
  6. Get Amazing Results for Your Clients
    • The best way to achieve success as an online personal coach is to find the right outcomes for your clients and achieve amazing results. If you can do that, your reputation will quickly spread far and wide across the Internet!

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  1. Antonia says

    Hey! Awesome post! Its not easy being an online personal coach but reading through this article really helped me get back to it!

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