Don’t Get Scammed by Online Coaching Services

It’s fairly easy to find online coaching services. It doesn’t matter what type of coach you are seeking – life, career, wealth, health, or business – online services are plentiful.

Online Coaching
Online Coaching

But, are these online coaching services all they claim to be? Do they really offer value and provide outcomes merely through online interactions?

Buyer Beware Online

Counterfeit products and over-hyped services abound on the Internet. Scammers have existed since the beginning of time, but the Internet has made it even easier for them to find unsuspecting buyers. Even in the coaching world, there are individuals and companies who over-promise and under-deliver. Even if they are not outright scammers, they may still take your money and not provide anything of value.

How to Protect Against Over Hyped or Fraudulent Online Coaching Services

Finding online coaching services that are legitimate takes a little time and patience. There are plenty of them out there; you just don’t want to get caught by one of the scammers, or even by one that fueled by empty promises and poor service.

Here are a few ways to increase your odds of finding a legitimate and ethical online coaching service:

*    Personal recommendations. If you know someone who has used a coach before and was happy with their service, then this is perhaps the best way to protect against getting scammed. Even if it turns out not to be a perfect fit for your needs, at least you won’t get scammed! If you are already a coach and seeking the services of a different type of coach, it is easy to find personal recommendations among your peers.

*    Reviews and testimonials. This is the next best way to find a coach, whether you are seeking one for online help or in person help. Taking the time to peruse the Internet for the right coach is definitely worth it!

*    Look for coaches in professional magazines or who are part of professional organizations. Also, look to see if they have been accredited. If you are already involved with coaching, credentials are easy to check. This doesn’t ensure success, but it does mean that the coach has pursued educational requirements and legitimacy.

*    Look for free or low-cost coaching sessions. It doesn’t hurt to try out the services if they are free or inexpensive. Of course, some coaches may lure you in with a free session, and then under-deliver after you pay. But, a free session can give you some insight into the ability and effectiveness of their coaching.

*    If you aren’t already in the coaching industry, learn to coach. It never hurts to take a coaching course or workshop. These can be personally rewarding, and might make you think about a career in coaching.

Everything is Moving Online

Personal face-to-face coaching will never go away, but coaches who aren’t online are missing out

on a huge potential market. Online coaching services will continue to be an integral part of the industry and will grow as the online coaching community grows. If you are a coach, get online and be sure to offer honest, ethical, and valuable services. If you are looking for a coach who offers online coaching services, take some time to protect yourself from the scammers who ruin it for everyone.

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  1. Maddie says

    Despite a lot of success with online coaching, one must remember that there are people who will scam them. Reading this post can help them avoid engaging with scammers.

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