What is an Online Coaching Wiki?

Anyone ever hear of an online coaching wiki? Do you know what an online coach wiki is? Should you care?

Online Coaching
Online Coaching

What’s a Wiki?

Wiki is a website that allows for a collaborative editing of its content by users. The term was supposedly coined by Howard Cunningham, who developed the first wiki in 1995 called WikiWikiWeb. Mr. Cunningham, on his first trip to Hawaii, was informed by an airport worker that he needed to take the wiki wiki bus to get to the other airport terminal. At first he didn’t understand, but he soon found out that “wiki” means “quick” in Hawaiian – “wiki wiki” means very quick. When he was looking for a name for his new web platform, this term for “quick” seemed to fit well. The term “wiki” replaced “wiki wiki” because the URL for his web platform contained only one “wiki” and the shortened version just caught on.

The Grandest Wiki of All

What’s the grandest wiki of them all? I’m sure you’ve heard of it – Wikipedia. It’s just a combination of “wiki” and “encyclopedia” – quick encyclopedia. Everyone knows about it and everyone uses it. Some people even take the time to write for it and edit it. This brings us to an online coaching wiki.

Building an Online Coaching Wiki

Looking around the Internet, I didn’t see anything that could really be called a wiki for coaching. There are plenty of places online where valuable information can be found related to the coaching industry. But, a true online coaching wiki is still waiting to be created, developed, and popularized.

Why Build a Wiki for Coaching?

There are several reasons wikis can be great for any group or industry, and coaching is no exception:

  • Wikis can be private or public. Specific coaching groups can make theirs private, or one could be created for the entire coaching industry.
  • Wikis only require basic programming skills for development, installation, and maintenance. Almost anyone can do it!
  • Wikis can be used for just about any type of content and can be separated into specific niche areas.
  • Wiki contributors create content independently – multiple people can be working on it at the same time, and information can be sourced from many different coaches, locations, or segments of the industry.
  • Wikis are easy to navigate and search – they are very used friendly.
  • An online coaching wiki can connect coaches around the world and provide for the dissemination of valuable theories, skills, and information – everyone benefits!
  • Wikis are reasonably inexpensive. You can obtain wiki software at very low cost (or even no cost), and maintaining them is not cost prohibitive.

One of the most important reasons for creating an online coaching wiki would be to develop a sense of community. As the coaching industry continues to mature, a feeling of community becomes even more important. It is an industry that can be very competitive, but the sharing of information and ideas, even among competitors, makes everyone a better coach, and certainly elevates the professionalism of the field in the eyes of the public.

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  1. Kris Aquino says

    I would totally try to read some of the online coaching wiki. Thanks for the information Fred.

  2. Juno says

    Ive been reading on this for awhile and Ive noticed that they lack a lot of information about this on the web.

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