How Do Your Beliefs Affect Your Ability to Succeed as a Motivational Coach? Coach Training We Can All Use

How Can You Succeed as a Motivational Coach: What Coach Training Insures Success?

You may wonder how can insure you succeed as a motivational coach? And, is there any coach training that can insure success? Your beliefs supply the foundation for success. Beliefs dictate the rules by which we operate. This coach training article will help you see the challenges and opportunities your beliefs provide, and will demonstrate how to use your beliefs to help you succeed as a motivational coach.

Become a Better Motivational Coach by Understanding the Role of Your Beliefs in Your Coaching Business

Part of this coach training is understanding that beliefs are the conductor in the orchestra of success. Much like the conductor of a symphony directs all the individuals to create a sound, our beliefs are the driving force behind our outcomes. As a motivational coach, your success is dependent on what you believe.

As a motivational coach, you may already understand from previous coach training courses that your triad (which is a combination of your beliefs, physiology, and language patterns) describes how you feel and how well you’ll perform in any particular moment. Your beliefs organize and dictate your state of mind. Your beliefs also deliver direct commands to your nervous system. When you believe something is true, you literally go into the state of it being true. In fact, there’s not a more powerful directing force in human behavior than belief.

How do Your Beliefs Effect Your Abilities as a Motivational Coach?

Your beliefs dictate:

  • What you will attempt in your coaching business.
  • What coach training you feel is important.
  • The way you treat your clients and partners.
  • How you feel about your coaching business.
  • What you focus upon and what you think is important in your coaching business.

So, how do you make sure you succeed as a motivational coach? The key to this coach training is to increase awareness that our beliefs about what is going to happen in our coaching business were created from interpretations of experiences in our past. Most of these beliefs were formed even before we started a coaching business. This means most coaches don’t consciously decide what they’re going to believe about their coaching business. Gain consciousness about your beliefs and challenge beliefs that are not empowering. It is your choice. Take this challenge and make it into an opportunity.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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