Master Motivational Coach Technique: How To Make Your Life Coaching Client Go After Their Goals

If you’re a motivational coach, how do you keep your life coaching client moving toward their goals? It’s an age-old problem. When your client gets off their call with you as their motivational coach they are so pumped up! Then a few hours or days pass, and they go back to what they have always been doing. Why don’t life coaching clients stay motivated and keep taking action toward their goals? Because they don’t have a compelling enough reason to achieve them. We will now consider two things you must do to keep your life coaching clients deeply motivated to accomplish their goals.

As A Motivational Coach You Must Connect Your Client To The “Hell” They Will Experience If They Don’t Accomplish Their Goal

After you have your life coaching client write their goal down, have them write a paragraph about it. The paragraph needs to start with a description of the “hell,” or consequences, they will experience if they don’t accomplish their goal. What will it cost them in life and in their life coaching? At the end of the paragraph, have them write down the “heaven” that will result if they do accomplish the goal. If your client’s reason for achieving the goal is greater than the obstacles they will face, then they will be much more likely to achieve the goal with you as their motivational coach. If not, you will have your work cut out for you.

Your Life Coaching Client is Motivated By Two Things: Gaining Pleasure And Avoiding Pain

Here is an example: Imagine you are one of your motivational coach clients. You have been smoking a pack of cigarettes every day for 20 years. You have had a goal to quit smoking for the last five years because you know smoking is bad for you. You’ve tried hypnosis, gum and quit smoking seminars, but nothing seems to work. You go to the doctor. The doctor confirms your worst fears. You have lung cancer. If you quit smoking now you will have 10 years to live. If you keep smoking you will die in one year. Would you be able to quit smoking? I think most people would, with or without a motivational coach. Even though for the last five years the goal was unsuccessfully met, you would instantly have a strong enough reason to accomplish the goal. In a way, you would become your own motivational coach.

By writing down their life coaching goals, and the “heaven” and “hell” associated with them, your clients are creating a tool that they can use whenever they need a dose of their motivational coach. Your life coaching clients can read the paragraph they wrote whenever they don’t feel like taking action to give them a surge of motivation right when they need it most.

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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