Become a Life Coach Without Waiting for National Coaching Certification

When people ask how to become a life coach before they get enough hours to apply for national coaching certification, they often really mean, “How do I get clients that pay me so I have some credibility and can tell people that I am a coach?”

What they are also wondering is, “Who is going to pay me to be their coach?” and “how will I step into the role of a life coach?”


National Coaching Certification
National Coaching Certification

The Credibility Gap, And National Coaching Certification

A lot of new coaches ask me “Who will believe me?” when they contemplate telling people that they are now a coach.

New coaches worry about their ‘credibility gap’, and how others will perceive them.

Deep down, many of them doubt that people will believe that they are much of a coach, because until you become a life coach who actually has some cash-paying clients, you may not even believe in yourself…

And you’ve gotta believe you’re a life coach before getting your national coaching certification.


You can’t even apply for national coaching certification from ICF (International Coach Federation) until you have at least 250 hours of PAID coaching.  I’ve never met a coach who completed 250 hours of paid coaching without believing in themselves!

How to Get Clients Fast And Create Instant Credibility

The way to step over this “credibility” hurdle is to provide massive value to your prospective client…

…BEFORE you try to sign them up for paid coaching.

Even many salespeople make this mistake. They skip over building trust and report, and fail to identify the real needs of the customer. When you skip over these crucial steps, people’s walls go up, and they run.

How do you create massive value?

Schedule a complimentary session that will provide value for you and your prospective client.

The value for you?

You find out if your prospect is coachable (and you get an  opportunity to sign them up as a new client).

The value for them?

They get a breakthrough, and support from you, in areas that are most important to them.

The First Steps to Getting Paying Clients (or at Least Some Coaching Experience)

  1. Create some initial rapport.
  2. Find out what’s really important to your prospect. Specifically, ask them, “What are 3 things that are absolutely crucial for you to achieve or be well on your way to achieving in the next 90 days?” Make sure you confirm that you are clear on each goal, and that they understand their goals as well. There is power in this. Your prospect’s goals now exist outside their head, and they can start to see them clearly and own them. You have begun to add value just by doing this. Few people have ever had someone focus completely on them and encourage them to visualize and create the life they really want.
  3. Find what’s missing for your prospect to be able to achieve their goals. Help them look into the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE to clarify and understand how things will look if they don’t change their limiting patterns or beliefs. Get them to FEEL the emotions they would feel if they DON’T achieve what they want. Use coaching skills like the ‘JOLT Technique‘.
  4. Give your prospect your BEST answer to help them move forward. WAIT, did I really say “best”? Of course I did! Are you a motivational coach who is living in fear of scarcity? How can you expect people to show up and do their best if you are not giving your best EACH and EVERY session? Hold NOTHING back.

If you are able to give your prospect massive value, positive things will happen.

For example… your prospect may become your paying client.

Now you can start to really believe that you have become a life coach.

Even if your prospect doesn’t become your paying client, they may refer other prospects to you, thus multiplying the opportunity to coach (and eventually get paid).

No matter what, you are stepping into the role of a life coach despite not having a national coaching certification.

When you focus every session on providing value for your clients or prospects, and get out of your own head and desires, you will gain credibility as a coach and start making an impact on the world.

By the way…

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Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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  1. Sherry Prindle-Certified Master Coach Trainer says

    People go to a life coach because they don’t want a professor or a counselor, they want someone with practical knowledge and experience to help give them the perspective they need to achieve results. There is no need to ever jump through ICF’s hoops that make it seem like a Master’s Degree if you help clients get what they want.

  2. Jeffrey T. Sooey says

    do doubt, Sherry. Nothing wrong with generating credibility by getting a certification, but there are much easier ways to do so and if you know what you’re talking about, why bother? Most get certified because of their own insecurities or uncertainty or need for permission from an authority. That makes for more business for the certification body than anything else.

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