How to Become a Motivational Coach: Master Coach Life Coach Tips to Help You Succeed

Become a Motivational Coach by Implementing These Life Coach Tips

These life coach tips are the fastest way to become a motivational coach, or any other type of coach for that matter.  These are the life coach tips that all master coaches use.  It does not matter where you are, if you want to become a motivational coach or a master motivational coach, you’ll need to:

1. Set a clear GOAL:  The first of these life coach tips is important because the more clear you are on the specifics of your goal and the reasons why you want to achieve this goal, the greater the motivation you’ll have achieve it.  Instead of making a goal to become a motivational coach, you’ll want to be more specific.  You might have the goal to become a motivational coach who powerfully impacts the lives of 30 clients per month.  Next, associate massive pleasure to achieving the goal and massive pain if you don’t.

2. Take MASSIVE action:  You may not know everything you need to do, but the key is to get started.  For example, to become a motivational coach you can start by setting free sessions, talking to other coaches, and coaching friends.  Don’t become a knowledgeable fool; take action.  Intellectual mastery without action is worthless, but massive action with even a little knowledge is priceless.

3. Take note of your RESULTS: Get feedback from clients and yourself.  Get life coach tips about what’s working, what’s great, what’s not great.

4. Revise your PLAN:  This is the most crucial aspect of these life coach tips.  Use the feedback and revise your plan based on the new information.

A Famous Example of These Life Coach Tips in Action

Colonel Harland Sanders used these ‘life coach tips’ and had great results.  In 1896 Sanders’ father died forcing his mother to enter the work-force.  At the young age of six Sanders was tasked with looking after his younger siblings and cooking many of the family’s meals.  In a years time he had mastered several dishes.  Over the next 30 years Sanders held many jobs but his passion for cooking remained.  In 1930, while working at a service station, Sanders began cooking for hungry travelers.  Word spread and visitors would come from near and far just for a taste of Sanders’ food.  As the popularity of his meals grew Sanders moved across the street in order to increase his capacity.  Over the next ten years he perfected his cooking technique and his secret blend of eleven spices.  In 1955, Sanders, confident in the quality of his recipe, devoted himself to franchising his business.  Less than ten years later he had over 600 restaurants in the US and Canada.  Even though Sanders dabbled in other professions he returned to his chicken recipe, knowing it was worth something.  He started out cooking from a service station, but revised his plans to accommodate more people.  He then took massive action to franchise his business.  Without a doubt, he was laughed at at first, but then he reviewed and revised his approach.  With tenacity and time he was able share his chicken with more people than he thought possible.  Sanders didn’t have the best plan, but the massive action he took made up for it.  The same will work for you in your quest to become a master motivational coach.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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