The Magic Key to Motivation: Life Coaching Education on How to Become a Motivational Coach

You can be successful as a motivational coach with some basic life coaching education.  The magic key to motivation is that everything human beings do is either to avoid PAIN or gain PLEASURE.  It’s your belief that some actions will produce pleasure and others will create pain.  Even if some things are painful in the short term, you may still associate longer term pleasure by taking action.   How can someone who wants to become a motivational coach put this life coaching education into action?

Making Magic with Life Coaching Education

Step One: Determine Your Values. The first step in this life coaching education is to find out what you value most.  In order to motivate yourself and others, the key is to find out what drives you.  What do you value most in your life?  Is it comfort?  Love?  Family? Significance?  Start using this life coaching education for yourself right now to begin to get clear about what you value.  Write it down.  Now rank them in order of their value from highest to lowest.  If you want to become a motivational coach or in the process of becoming a motivational coach you can also use this on your next coaching client.

Step Two: Identify the Pleasure. The next step in this life coaching education is to write down why becoming a motivational coach is an important goal to achieve right now.  Associate massive pleasure with becoming a motivational coach.  Use a frame of reference that looks at short term or immediate benefits as well as longer term benefits that would result from achieving your goal right now.  Make sure these are written down.

Step Three: Identify the Pain. The final step in this life coaching education is to write down why failing to become a motivational coach right now would be painful.  What will it cost you now, and what will it cost you in the future?  Look at this pain with a magnifying glass and make the pain excruciating.  Most people are more motivated by pain or fear than pleasure.

Bringing It All Together as a Motivational Coach

The key to success in becoming a motivational coach is to be able to connect the dots.  Use this life coaching education to create a clear and compelling vision.  This vision needs to be strong enough to make the obstacles that inevitably come up seem like small ripples of water on a pond instead of tidal waves.  This clear and compelling vision will help create the motivation and focus needed for success for yourself and your clients.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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