Life Coaching Education In Unexpected Places

Life coaching education pops up all around us when we listen for it.  It’s in movies, on the radio and television, even, as I recently found out, at the opera.  Now granted, these snippets of coaching are not usually life changing, like on-going coaching is, but they can be educational and a spring-board– inspiring, thought provoking, and worthy of your notice. In the last two weeks, several life coaching education snippets have caught my attention, and I want to share them with … [Read more...]

The Magic Key to Motivation: Life Coaching Education on How to Become a Motivational Coach

You can be successful as a motivational coach with some basic life coaching education.  The magic key to motivation is that everything human beings do is either to avoid PAIN or gain PLEASURE.  It’s your belief that some actions will produce pleasure and others will create pain.  Even if some things are painful in the short term, you may still associate longer term pleasure by taking action.   How can someone who wants to become a motivational coach put this life coaching education into … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Education & Keys to a Life Coach Career That I Learned from Monkeys in Peru

Would you be surprised if I told you that I got a better life coaching education about what it takes to have a powerful life coaching career from monkeys in Peru than from most coaches?  It's true.  Monkeys, no matter what you think about them, have a lot of life coaching education of offer about leadership and human behavior.  Whether you like it or not, we are PRIMATES and nothing will change that FACT. . Why Coaching Techniques Matter to Your Life Coach Career If you want a life coaching … [Read more...]

Become a Business Coach, Walk Your Talk: Life Coaching Education to Implant Into Your Own Life

I’m looking outside the window of my office, watching a hot air balloon fly across the sky, and seeing a metaphor for some great life coaching education. Especially for people who want to become a business coach. If you can’t see the similarities of how to become a business coach and how to get a huge balloon to fly, then follow closely. Have you ever watched a team launch a hot air balloon? First the balloon has to be unfolded flat on the ground, and then filled. It takes a lot of energy and … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Education From the Future: Become a Cyber-Coach With Online Coaching Certification

I have to admit that after all the life coaching education I've received, I'm finally becoming a bit of a cyber coach.  I'm, for the first time in my life, seriously looking into online coaching.  Certification in the world of life coaching education has always been high quality, but very seldom do you hear about educating coaches to do a ton of business on the Internet.  I never thought I'd do it because I'm really so much into the whole 'organic' idea of coaching.  My life coaching education … [Read more...]