Is There a National Coaching Certification?

New coaches and individuals looking to enter the coaching profession may wonder if there is a national coaching certification. In a one-word answer – No. The Rise of Life Coaching Life coaching has come a long way in the past few decades. The profession was not well known by the public, and perhaps even seen as somewhat of a scam many years ago. However, thanks to the work of excellent coaches across the country, and to organizations like the International Coach federation (ICF), life … [Read more...]

Become a Life Coach Without Waiting for National Coaching Certification

When people ask how to become a life coach before they get enough hours to apply for national coaching certification, they often really mean, “How do I get clients that pay me so I have some credibility and can tell people that I am a coach?” What they are also wondering is, “Who is going to pay me to be their coach?” and “how will I step into the role of a life coach?”   The Credibility Gap, And National Coaching Certification A lot of new coaches ask me “Who will believe me?” … [Read more...]