Life Coaching: How to Be the Motivational Coach that Keeps Your Clients Taking Action

When you are life coaching your clients, sometimes you also need to be a motivational coach. Your client probably wants coaching because they are not happy with their life. Why is a motivational coach so important for every client in your life coaching business? Because clients will not take new actions if they lose hope.

Life Coaching Clients Need a Motivational Coach To Break Old Habits

Life coaching clients also need a motivational coach because their old habits may be hard to break. When people make mistakes over and over again, they view the mistakes as part of who they are. They might say things like, “I never follow through on my commitments.” Being someone who does not follow through is what the client has taken on as part of their identity. They believe that history repeats itself.

Part of your life coaching for these clients will be to practice activities that a motivational coach would also do. In order for them to become motivated to change, they need you to believe they will change. That will give them hope.

Hold Your Life Coaching Clients To A New Standard And Be Positive

Now your life coaching clients are taking action. The next step you need to take as their motivational coach is to hold them to a new standard. As you would in life coaching, you need to celebrate all the actions they take to achieve their goals. At the same time, you provide the motivational coach slant by putting faith in their future actions.

What do you say to your life coaching clients to keep them motivated? You say things like, “It’s okay to have a bad day. Tomorrow I know you will do a better job.” You can also celebrate a win and hold them to a new standard by saying “Great job on that! Now the next level for you is this.” You need to be positive with your clients. Also expect more of them as they make progress. Being positive and encouraging will make them feel good about themselves. By taking these simple actions as their pseudo motivational coach, they will want to continue taking the right actions to keep feeling good and achieve success.

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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