What’s The Secret to Become a Business Coach? How to Think Like a Business Owner to Explode Your Business Coaching Salary

Are you thinking about how to become a business coach or just increasing your business coaching salary?  In order to become a business coach you need to think like a business owner (or at least know how to think like a business owner at times).  Your business coaching salary is going to increase only if you know how to talk to business owners, and if your talking follows your thinking. To Become a Business Coach and Pull in a Nice Business Coaching Salary, First Get Real About How Most People … [Read more...]

Business Coaching: How to Speak with Confidence Immediately

.The Most Common Question: How to Speak with Confidence? The number one question that comes with becoming a coach who does business coaching is how to speak with confidence.  It might seem easier to coach someone who hasn’t experienced much success yet, because even though they can’t afford to pay you they are very appreciative.  Their appreciation makes you feel significant.  However, when you are doing business coaching with top executives and high performing entrepreneurs, they are used to … [Read more...]

Business Coaching Training: How to Become a Business Coach

How to Become a Business Coach Who Can Help Anyone Find The Best Solution What’s the secret to become a business coach who is indispensable? Helping people feel confident in any decision they make. Tough to imagine pulling it off? The secret lies in this business coaching training. 6 Business Coaching Training Secrets to Become a Business Coach Who Helps Others DECIDE All your results come from your ACTIONS.  If you take a particular action, there is going to be a result, effect, or … [Read more...]

Become a Business Coach, Walk Your Talk: Life Coaching Education to Implant Into Your Own Life

I’m looking outside the window of my office, watching a hot air balloon fly across the sky, and seeing a metaphor for some great life coaching education. Especially for people who want to become a business coach. If you can’t see the similarities of how to become a business coach and how to get a huge balloon to fly, then follow closely. Have you ever watched a team launch a hot air balloon? First the balloon has to be unfolded flat on the ground, and then filled. It takes a lot of energy and … [Read more...]

Become a Business Coach: 5 Life Coach Tips to Eliminate Distractions and Increase Success for Your Clients

If you want to become a business coach and start having instant success, use these 5 life coach tips. They work for employees, self-employed people, and people who work from home. And the great news is that these life coach tips can be applied to reduce and eliminate distractions immediately. To become a business coach you will have to provide strategy and accountability in these areas: Life coach tip #1: Have your clients use and honor their calendar and task list. Make sure they plan … [Read more...]

Sales Training Coaching: How to Use Call Reluctance to Your Benefit

  In sales training coaching, one of the biggest obstacles many people face is getting on the phone. Sometimes even thinking about calling warm leads will get the same response. Some common fears are “No one ever buys from me”, “What if the prospect yells at me or hangs up”, “I don’t know what to say”…any of these striking home? What is your biggest fear? That knot in your stomach, the pounding in your chest, the tightness in your neck and pain in your head…is normal. It’s just your body … [Read more...]

Coaching Certification…Do I need it to become a coach?

Do you need coaching certification to become a coach?  Fortunately, the answer is no.  I say that because the ICF (International Coaching Federation), which is the primary certifying body for coaches worldwide, will not even look at your application until you have at least 250 hours of PAID coaching under your belt, and that’s for the first level.  Think about it.  If you are just starting out and coaching 10 hours/week... you are very fortunate.  But even at this rate, it will take at least 6 … [Read more...]

To Become a Business Coach: Why Coaching is Good in A Recession

To Become a Business Coach in a recession is something that may seem risky, and it can be without training, guidance and a plan. The fact is that coaching in a recession can be remarkably lucrative. Why? Because during tough economic times, many companies are more open to ways that will help them survive and thrive. To Become a Business Coach does take some work but it’s worth it. The proper training gives you excellent coaching skills as well as the knowledge you will need to develop a … [Read more...]

Sales Training Coaching – How to Help People Recession-Proof Their Business

  Sales training coaching can help people double their income, even during tough times. Simply put, here are some of the questions that we can help answer: WHY: As coaches we are used to helping people set powerful goals. But what if we get people to change their goal into a problem to solve? The brain is designed to answer questions, and solve problems. Also make sure your client has a powerful WHY, and is very clear on it. They need something to drive them to their goal. Something big and … [Read more...]