Business Coaching Training: How to Become a Business Coach

How to Become a Business Coach Who Can Help Anyone Find The Best Solution

What’s the secret to become a business coach who is indispensable? Helping people feel confident in any decision they make. Tough to imagine pulling it off? The secret lies in this business coaching training.

6 Business Coaching Training Secrets to Become a Business Coach Who Helps Others DECIDE

All your results come from your ACTIONS.  If you take a particular action, there is going to be a result, effect, or reaction to that action.  Great business coaches know that results in business are action based.

But where do actions come from?  Good business coaching training tells us that all actions come from DECISIONS (whether they be conscious or unconscious).  When you truly DECIDE something, it will change the actions you take, and thus all the results you get.  The key is to become a business coach that can guide and alter your business clients’ results by working with them to make good DECISIONS (then the actions and the results will take care of themselves).

In This Business Coaching Training, We Explore The Acronym ‘D-E-C-I-D-E’ to See The Steps to Help Your Business Coaching Client Get Extraordinary Results:

Desired Outcomes – Become a business coach who helps your clients get clear about their desired outcomes. Ask your clients, “What is the result you want?” and “Why do you want to achieve this outcome?”

Explicate Options – Become a business coach who has their clients brainstorm and write down all of their options, even the ones that seem implausible.

The Power Principle states that one option is no choice, two options is a dilemma, and three options is a choice.

Consequences – Become a business coach who helps their clients determine what are the likely positive and negative aspects of each option, and what are the rewards and costs of each option.

Investigate – This business coaching training tip has you become a business coach who investigates and evaluates the consequences of each option. Encourage your client eliminate some of the options based on the results of the following questions:

  1. What outcomes are affected

  2. On a scale of 0-10, how important is each upside/downside in terms of meeting the outcomes.

  3. On a scale of 0-100%, what is the probability that the upside/downside will occur?

  4. What is the emotional cost or benefit if you were to choose this option?

Diminish – Coach your clients to review the downsides of their remaining options. Brainstorm ways to diminish or eliminate these disadvantages.

Embrace – Thibusiness coaching training tip is the key to success. After selecting the option that provides the greatest certainty that the desired outcome will be achieved, have your clients embrace that option. After your clients select their best option, have them resolve to make it work. Have them deicide that no matter what happens, this option will give them a win. This will allow you to become a business coach that can help them design and implement their plan of action without second guessing themselves and robbing themselves of valuable resources.

Become a Business Coach That Produces Results Beyond What any Business Coaching Training Can Give You

This business coaching training was designed to make sure you have complete certainty that you can coach anyone, anytime, to make the best decision possible at that time. And it wouldn’t hurt to take yourself through thibusiness coaching training exercise next time you’re struggling with making a decision…just for practice, of course.  That will be the ultimate ‘walk your talk’ way to become a business coach.

Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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