Sales Training Coaching – How to Help People Recession-Proof Their Business


Sales training coaching can help people double their income, even during tough times. Simply put, here are some of the questions that we can help answer:

WHY: As coaches we are used to helping people set powerful goals. But what if we get people to change their goal into a problem to solve? The brain is designed to answer questions, and solve problems. Also make sure your client has a powerful WHY, and is very clear on it. They need something to drive them to their goal. Something big and meaningful enough to help them over obstacles and through any challenges that will come up along the way.

WHAT: Help your clients develop a strategy and skill set that is clear. Salespeople that get into sales training coaching have a salesperson mindset.  They know and use certain strategies like cold-calling, asking for referrals, networking, etc.  If they want to increase their business, they can’t just rest on those basic strategies.  They need to expand their strategic horizons and use marketing strategies, because in order for them to reach goals they have never achieved before, they will need to create strategies they have never used before and master skills they have never mastered before. Sometimes it can be as easy as helping people develop time management skills. These include:

  • Setting goals and tracking results
  • Focusing on priorities
  • Organizing – which is both psychological and mechanical

WHERE and WHEN: Have a plan. Write it down. This also needs to be crystal clear. Help your clients find which activities can be eliminated. Get rid of anything that’s wasting time or money and not producing results. Help them find and reduce things that are being overdone. This will open up resources to increase time, expense, and frequency where needed in order to get into momentum as a result of sales training coaching.

HOW: Success Rituals: Support your clients in developing rituals to stay on track, and getting into the frame of mind to be able to move ahead into new territory. Set up systems of accountability. We all have beliefs…some that get us the results we want and others that don’t. Help your clients become aware of limiting beliefs. Help them change their focus, self-talk, and visualize success.

These are just a few of the ways we can help people get results through sales training coaching. People are definitely going to be looking for results in 2009, so use these coaching techniques liberally.

Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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