Become a Business Coach, Walk Your Talk: Life Coaching Education to Implant Into Your Own Life

I’m looking outside the window of my office, watching a hot air balloon fly across the sky, and seeing a metaphor for some great life coaching education. Especially for people who want to become a business coach. If you can’t see the similarities of how to become a business coach and how to get a huge balloon to fly, then follow closely.

Have you ever watched a team launch a hot air balloon? First the balloon has to be unfolded flat on the ground, and then filled. It takes a lot of energy and effort to fill a balloon that size. When it’s almost filled, there is a lot of scrambling while people load into the basket because once there is enough hot air in that balloon, nothing can stop it from going up! The life coaching education analogy comes from figuring out how to get that type of momentum so you can become a business coach…or any other type of coach.

There are so many things competing for and demanding your focus in life, that unless you make a conscious effort to control your focus, you’ll find yourself living in reaction to these demands instead of living in a life plan you’ve designed for yourself. You will need to have this type of focus to become a business coach, motivational coach, or personal life coach.

Here are 5 life coaching education tools that you can use on a weekly basis to become a business coach that gets results:

Life coaching education tip 1. Capture: Take out your “to do” list items and brainstorm all the coaching business results you want to achieve in the next week. Don’t forget to scan anything not completed from last weeks life coaching and check upcoming deadlines and events.

Life coaching education tip 2. Chunk: Separate results from “to do” items, and group them with other items that create the same result. Create any other important results that needs to happen that week. You should now have a list of results you want to accomplish.

Life coaching education tip 3. Prioritize: Prioritize your results from left to right across the top of your coaching business plan, ranking them from most important (far left) to least important (far right). Highlight any results that are a MUST for the week in yellow (vs. things you SHOULD do but they are not absolutely required).

Life coaching education tip 4. Purpose: Add the purpose for each result at the bottom of each respective result column. There are three things to address in the purpose section:

  • Group I: Measurable positive results: What will happen when I attain this result?
  • Group II: Positive feelings: How would it feel to attain this result?
  • Group III: Identity: WHO are you in the role of the person attaining this result?

Life coaching education tip 5. Actions: Create and review the list of actions that it would take to produce each result.  Decide if there are any actions that need to be added or deleted. Then prioritize the actions, highlighting those that are a MUST and moving less important actions lower on the list.

Now you know how to become a business coach who can help their clients get the focus they need to reach their goals.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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