Coaching Business Enemy #1

One of the main premises in, “The Art of War”... “Know Thy Enemy.” If you want to win the war… must learn everything possible about your adversary. The same goes for building a coaching practice. I’m not talking about your ‘coaching competition’. I’m talking about your WORST enemy. Your mind… ...the source of your own limitations. And this enemy is even harder to pin down because it’s INSIDE YOU. I have faced my own “inner enemy” many times. She … [Read more...]

Business and Life Coaching

The Future of Business and Life Coaching in Abuja, Nigeria

Business and Life Coaching are two incredibly rewarding careers for passionate individuals interested in helping others achieve their desired goals. Coaching is a relatively modern field that has been making significant differences in the lives of people for the last four decades. What do coaches do? They are professionals that align (partner) with their clients to help them achieve more remarkable clarity on goals, strategies, plans, and actions. Abuja, Where is it? Abuja is the capital … [Read more...]