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Is coaching a good business?

Last week I shared how “one weak why” isn’t enough to drive your coaching business success… …and that you needed to build a ‘Purpose Parthenon’, so your coaching business can stand up to any challenge. The problem? Most coaches have trouble inventing more than a few ‘whys’. The good news? You don’t have to INVENT your own reasons from scratch… …just STEAL someone else’s. There are 3 main reasons you’d want to have a coaching … [Read more...]

Strategic Planning is One of the Best Coaching Tips in Business Coaching

There are many coaching tips in business coaching that will help your clients become better business managers, owners, and leaders. However one of the most important tips is often overlooked and ignored. What is Strategic Planning? Strategic planning is a managerial activity that is used to capture goals and potential solutions, set priorities, focus energy, and organize goals and solutions to ensure that all parties (employees, management, independent agents, and others) are working … [Read more...]