What Qualifications do You Need to Become a Life, Business, or Executive Coach?

What Qualifications do You Need to Become a Life, Business, or Executive Coach?

One of the big concerns that comes up for new coaches is whether or not you QUALIFY to be a coach.  Whether you’re looking to become a life coach, executive coach, business coach, career coach (or some other coaching niche), figuring out (and then meeting) coaching qualifications can be quite challenging. In this video and discussion below I’m going to talk about what really qualifies you to coach. What qualifications do you need to become a professional coach? There are three … [Read more...]

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Attracting Potential Coaching Clients

“I know I could enroll coaching clients if people would just give me a CHANCE.” (That was me, decades ago.) But for years, I didn’t get many chances… …so I didn’t get many clients. This is the story of struggle I hear from too many coaches. “I don’t know how to attract clients.” “I put myself out there… talking to everyone (but with no response).” It’s so frustrating, especially when you KNOW you can help clients and they really NEED your coaching. Is there ONE SECRET to … [Read more...]

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How to Talk to Clients About Coaching

“If I just put myself out there, I’ll start getting clients.” - me, a decade ago, excited to share coaching with the world. But clients weren’t excited about my coaching. Quickly, I learned the reality: Coaches are excited about coaching. Clients are excited about RESULTS. Clients are excited about RESULTS." I was interested in deep coaching conversations, accountability, limiting beliefs, etc. But nobody responded to me, (and nobody bought coaching). I felt burnt … [Read more...]

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THIS Damages Coaching Clients

Are you afraid of damaging your client? Lots of coaches are worried about doing a client harm because they lack… Training / Coaching Skills Knowledge Experience But don’t worry about any of that damaging your client. What REALLY damages your client? Missing out on your COACHING. Without coaching, your client’s life and problems get WORSE, not better. Without coaching, your client’s life and problems get WORSE, not better." THAT’S what you (and your client) … [Read more...]

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Why coach for free?

Should you coach people for free? Yes, but not too much. Every successful coach started out by giving free coaching. Most veteran coaches offer a free, one-time discovery session. And so should you. But that’s it. No. more. free. coaching. Any more free coaching will cost you paying clients… and possibly, your coaching business. Any more free coaching will cost you paying clients… and possibly, your coaching business." What are the problems with too much free … [Read more...]

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Why Get Coaching Certification? (Good VS Bad Reasons)

Coaches get certified for 3 reasons: Credibility Confidence Clients But you won’t get any of those from a certification alone. And coaches who think they will… …end up broke, out of time, or disillusioned. There’s a lot of debate around IF coach certifications are even necessary to be a coach. Sooooo… should you get certified AT ALL as a coach? Maybe, but if you’re going to… …don’t be fooled by the “coaching certification myths”. Will a coaching … [Read more...]

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The 10 Hour Coaching Week

To start your coaching business, you need 10 hours per week. 10 hours is enough time for the “coaching business four”: Networking and lead generation Scheduling discovery sessions Running discovery sessions Coaching paying clients Can you imagine 10 hours per week doing those 4 things? The fact is that most coaches won't ever spend even 10 hours per week on their coaching business. Why? The TIME excuse. Notice, I didn’t say ‘time’. Time never stops a new coach … [Read more...]

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Is coaching a good business?

Last week I shared how “one weak why” isn’t enough to drive your coaching business success… …and that you needed to build a ‘Purpose Parthenon’, so your coaching business can stand up to any challenge. The problem? Most coaches have trouble inventing more than a few ‘whys’. The good news? You don’t have to INVENT your own reasons from scratch… …just STEAL someone else’s. There are 3 main reasons you’d want to have a coaching … [Read more...]

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Your Coaching Purpose

There’s an inspiring and heroic start to most coaching businesses. But very quickly, coaches get discouraged… …and they stomp on the breaks. Only a few coaches actually ACCELERATE their progress as time goes by. Eckart Tolle, Tony Robbins, or Bryon Katie… …didn’t just casually stumble upon a world-changing impact. They consciously created it, and broke through obstacles again and again. These coaches set themselves apart by their DRIVE. Where does that drive come … [Read more...]

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The “Post Discovery Session” Follow up System

The road to enrolling a new coaching client is typically HARD. Create content. Post on social media. Go to networking events. Deliver webinars. Make an opt-in page. Create a compelling offer. Make invitations. …and all of that just to get them to a Discovery Session. THEN you still have to give them a GREAT experience in the discovery session. And there’s STILL no guarantee they’ll enroll. When potential clients don’t enroll on the spot… (and that happens a … [Read more...]