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The “Post Discovery Session” Follow up System

The road to enrolling a new coaching client is typically HARD. Create content. Post on social media. Go to networking events. Deliver webinars. Make an opt-in page. Create a compelling offer. Make invitations. …and all of that just to get them to a Discovery Session. THEN you still have to give them a GREAT experience in the discovery session. And there’s STILL no guarantee they’ll enroll. When potential clients don’t enroll on the spot… (and that happens a … [Read more...]

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Coaching Works Best in a “Loop”

Coaches that enroll clients easily have one thing in common: The client sees that coach as ‘ahead of them’. I’ve enrolled 410 coaching clients (that I can count) over the past decade. EVERY one of those enrollments felt something like: I was ahead of them in an important area.I knew more than they did about something critical.I had skills and resources that they were missing.I could shorten their learning curve.I had overcome all the obstacles they wanted to avoid. Chances … [Read more...]

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The “Catfish Coach” Mistake

Last week I shared 7 ways to trigger “esteem” from potential clients BEFORE they talk to you. Those “first impressions” can make a difference in your coaching enrollments. But first impressions aren’t enough. Have you ever made a great “first impression” with a potential client... …only to lose them during the discovery session? Perhaps you waited anxiously for your client to call. Finally, they call. The source of your anxiety. Will they approve…? You deliver great … [Read more...]

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The Esteemed Coach

Have you ever thought a potential client really liked you… …and then they just disappeared? Me too. Despite trying to win the “most likable coach on the planet” award… …it didn’t stop clients from “ghosting” me. I felt like clients were lying to me. If they didn’t want me to coach them, why didn’t they just say so? But after years of suffering through more and more of this, I learned… …It’s NOT enough to be liked. Most coach training dwells on getting clients to … [Read more...]

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Scheduling More Discovery Sessions (Mindsets)

Last week, I told you the 3 keys to setting Discovery Sessions: Share the top 3 benefits of your discovery session.Ask DIRECTLY “Would you like to have a discovery session?”After asking, be silent for as long as it takes them to answer you. But many coaches still don’t use these 3 keys. Why? Because they are afraid of REJECTION. Fear of rejection (coaching flavor) is a result of these 3 disempowering mindsets: “I’m not a good enough coach”“This particular person doesn’t … [Read more...]

Building Your Coaching Business Fast

It took me too long to write this to you. Last week I had so much going on, that I figured there’s no way I could finish it… …so I might as well slow down. When I told Jeffrey (Dean of Master Coach University) he said… “Don’t delude yourself. You need to SPEED UP.” I knew he was right. In fact, right now I’m helping Terina, whose coaching business was dying due to (you guessed it) lack of speed. Terina’s coaching business was a slow motion train wreck. Over … [Read more...]

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Is Your Client Testing You?

Are you “bending over backwards” to get or keep your coaching clients? Too many coaches depend on PEOPLE PLEASING to enroll (or retain) their clients… …treating their coaching business like it’s a customer service job. That makes client enrollment and retention HARDER. AND it wastes too much time… …stealing you away from building a successful coaching business. And then coaches wonder why they can’t make enough money coaching! If you’re feeling that way, it’s not … [Read more...]

Scheduling More Discovery Sessions (Methods)

Scheduling More Discovery Sessions (Methods)

Why do coaches struggle to schedule enough discovery sessions? It’s because they don’t use these 3 fundamental keys to offering them: Share the top 3 benefits of your discovery session.Ask DIRECTLY “Would you like to have a discovery session?”After asking, be silent for as long as it takes them to answer you. If you use those 3 fundamental keys, you’ll schedule more discovery sessions. Let’s talk about each key… 1. Share the top 3 benefits of your discovery session. Don’t … [Read more...]

Making Progress in a Coaching Business

Making Progress in a Coaching Business

Last week, I covered how public speaking was my ‘go to’ coaching business strategy. Public speaking was so powerful for me, that it helped me grow a full coaching practice in under 2 years. But I wanted more. I wanted to ‘scale up’ even bigger. The problem? The way I tried to scale up… …almost destroyed my coaching business. Luckily, a simple solution saved me. Let me explain… My speaking system worked this way: I gave speeches to sales teams.During the … [Read more...]

Making Life-Changing Coaching Income

Making Life-Changing Coaching Income

So many coaches are personally transformed through their coaching experiences… …but your coaching business also changes your life financially. Coaches are paid as well as doctors or attorneys… …but you don’t have to go to school for years to get a degree. Coaches listen to clients, ask questions, And, “POOF!”... …money shows up. Of course, coaching isn’t a totally effortless profession… …but coaches aren’t digging ditches, either. So many people look at the … [Read more...]