Business Success Coaching: An Adrenal Addiction Problem

Often business success coaching is about your coach being straight with you and upfront with you that you’re an adrenal junky who’s hooked on reactive business activities that suck up your time instead of you focusing on what you lie to your coach about that you’re really committed to get done. In reality, this is a negative inner game symptom which you need to get a handle on if you ever expect to run a consistent, predictable, and growing business.

This business success coaching article is about how you get so emotional about your business and how you go through the emotional peaks and valleys or highs and lows, and that you get addicted to the variety in the daily business routine that you check your email 100 times a day, but you don’t get the sales or production results you expect.

Business Success Coaching Makes You Aware of Your Time Wasters

You probably got into coaching to save people or to become famous. Instead, you should have been more strategic and focused on getting into a business that’s on a good growth curve.

It’s hugely important for you to understand the motivating values that drive you in developing and growing your business.

For example, if you’re a public speaker, then speaking most likely gives you an adrenalin rush, but you may speak too much and then you don’t give enough time and energy to implement proven important sales and marketing strategies and tactics that’ll put you in the position to develop all aspects of your business.

Eventually, the house of cards will all come tumbling down on your head because you haven’t paid attention to the business success coaching warning signs. If this hasn’t happen to you yet, you’ll learn that the fundamental laws of business must be respected before success is possible.

The fundamental laws of business success is you must give before you receive. That’s giving your product or service in exchange for the money your clients willingly give you in exchange for the promise you give them.

You need to make sales frequently and be efficient in fulfilling on the value you sold your client.

The best practices in business success coaching says that if you’re going to have an addiction, then selling and fulfilling is where you want to focus on getting your addictive adrenal rush, and that’s on consistently and predictably satisfying your client’s wants and needs.

Another example of this deadly adrenalin trend is the social media addiction. You may be one of those people that spends too much time on social media during your money hours.

Now you continue to spin your wheels without a clear focus while you dream about making money in your virtual world and quickly Facebook, LinkedIN, and Google Plus become a diminishing return for you because you don’t have a strategy to execute and you never take the conversation offline where you can assess your contacts needs and move them from a lead to a prospect and hopefully enroll them into your product, service, or program.

Coaches Obsessive Behaviors

This example is about the way you may do your free sessions and the time you spend coaching your clients. You may be very good at running free sessions and because you have great sessions, you tend to cling to running more and more free sessions instead of hiring good coaches to run free sessions for your company.

Let it go if you want to grow your coaching business. If you want business success, you have to give up running all the free coaching sessions for your company because you’re good at it. Get out of the habit of being adrenalin driven is the best business success coaching advice I can give you.

It’s an inner game addiction, but it’s about letting certain things go.

It’s about someone else doing the work verses you doing it so you get leverage over your time, sales, and delivery and fulfillment.

Business success coaching recognizes that your problem may not always be an adrenalin addiction, but you still need to let go to get massive leverage to scale your business growth.

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Donald Hunter
Certified JTS Accountability And Strategy Coach

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    As you so rightly point out, “the fundamental rule of business is to give before receiving”! Finding the right balance would be the next thing and at the end of the day, the timeless principle that a succesful deal is one that both parties are happy about, still stands the test of time.

    Becoming a good training coach I suppose involves time and efforts even for those lucky for whom it is in their nature to be natural leaders and mentors.


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    Donald, you make some very good points. Business success is not easy to come by. Everyone wants to be successful, but not every can make it in this world. Your tips on having your priorities straight and giving before receiving are great. Thanks for sharing.

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