Sports Psychology and Coaching: Lessons From a Youth Sports Coach

Working with athletes to improve their game requires the best sports psychology and coaching skills you have. It also requires lessons from a youth sports coach. You’ve seen the youth coach - the dad who lugs around the bag of equipment to every practice. Yes, those dads, the ones without fancy certifications, extensive knowledge, or years of training. They are not sports psychologists and coaching experts, but they have a few lessons to teach you. These coaches are mere volunteers, but … [Read more...]

Should Focus be the Focus of Sports Psychology and Coaching?

involves teaching athletes to achieve greatness. Achievement on the Little League field means something different than it does on a Sunday in an NFL stadium packed with 60,000 screaming fans. However, venue and age do not matter when you are considering the most important quality for success. What is the Secret to Success in Sports Psychology and Coaching? It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to know that an athlete must have talent, but there are many who have been blessed with talent. The … [Read more...]

Sports Psychology and Coaching: How To Be A Winner

My first introduction to sports psychology and coaching was back in high school. I ran track and cross country, earning the coveted “Most Improved” award. It wasn’t that I was such an impressive runner, but after crossing the finish line in my first race just as they were taking down the finish chute anything was an improvement. Maybe it was because I just didn’t quit. We moved schools after my first year, and with it came a new coach. He was definitely ahead of his time as far of his knowledge … [Read more...]