Goal Setting In Your Coaching Practice

Be S.M.A.R.T when it comes to setting goals in your coaching practice. We all have dreams and goals we would like to accomplish one day. In order for these dreams and goals to become a reality, we must be smart about how we go about producing them. No, I’m not referring to intellect or savviest approach, I’m simply implying to follow the acronym S.M.A.R.T. By using this method your coach will be able to help you to overcome the many challenges and troubles you’ll encounter in making steady … [Read more...]

Three Secrets to Building Your Coaching Practice

Here are three secrets to building your coaching practice. Follow them and you will be running hard to keep up with the demand for your coaching services. Skip even one and you will be just another coach looking for part time jobs to pay the rent. Make Yourself the Expert There are two sides to making yourself the expert. First you have to be the expert. Second you have to demonstrate to lots of people that you are the expert. Coaching is a very broad field. Obviously if you want to be a … [Read more...]

Be The Best Career Coach Ever And Maintain Your Best People | Image by Toronto

Keep Your Best People by Being Their Career Coach

Being your employees’ career coach means working to identify opportunities for them, and helping them move on to take advantage of those opportunities. So how does that help you keep your people? Well this is how it works. Create BIG Goals and Demand Hard Work First, as their career coach, you really need to get to know your people. You need to know their strengths, weaknesses and dreams. I highly recommend using assessments to accomplish this. Then help them formulate BIG goals. The kind of … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips: When to Be the “Coaching Nazi”

You’ve heard of the “Good Cop” and the “Bad Cop”, well among the best coaching tips is that sometimes you need to become the “Coaching Nazi”. I am not talking about the nickname for Hitler’s National Socialist Party. Instead the image I am going for is the “Soup Nazi” from Seinfeld. You remember: he’s the guy who would cut you off if you said anything he didn’t like – cut you right off, period. So when is it really good to be really, really bad? People often Don’t Value Things until They Are … [Read more...]

Business Success Coaching: 7 Essential Categories

Business success coaching works whether you’re starting a business from scratch or had coaching for the last decade to develop a successful business. Why Business Success Coaching? Mastering these 7 principles will align you with your dreams and goals faster than any system I have came across to produce success. Leadership is the first of the principles. Businesses that coach or mentor their personnel on the topics of leadership grow quickly. Leadership develops the future of your business. … [Read more...]

Three Key Perspectives To Get Massive Results From Your Business Coaching | Image by Cuenact

Business Coaching: 3 Ways to Take Massive Action

Business coaching clients who get massive results because of their willingness to be coach has taught me that if you don’t really have a burning desire to have more, be more, do more, become something bigger in your life or business, you’re going to be one of those clients who waste a lot of precious time because my sole focus as a business coach is to ignite your passions so you will live and have freedom, choice, and control to do, be, and stretch beyond your current level because you can be a … [Read more...]

Pay for Life Coaching or You’re just a Phony

Here are three reasons why you can’t call yourself a real coach unless you actually pay for life coaching. So if you don’t want to be a phony, find a life coach that you believe in, and go out and sign up for their coaching, and very importantly get out your wallet and slap down some of your hard earned cash. Go ahead, or NEVER call yourself a coach again! The Mentality There is something about putting your money where your mouth is that is liberating. Paying for life coaching is a great … [Read more...]

Rock Their World; Be a Career Coach

These days when jobs are scarce, it is pretty good to help find someone a job. But as a career coach, you can really get inside their head and help them figure out exactly what sort of job fits their style, and values and talents. When you do that, you set your client up for a lifetime of success, and fulfillment. Step1, Do an Assessment With the proper assessment, you can easily determine your client’s style (both when relaxed and when at work), their values and their talents. With this, you … [Read more...]

Building High Performance Teams with Group Coaching

Group coaching can reduce the cost of coaching. It can be less intimidating than one-on-one coaching. And there is the benefit of the “mastermind effect”. But the greatest advantage of coaching groups comes when you are building high performance teams. Launch the Group Using Assessments Using assessments launches your coaching group with a bang. As the coach, you can share insights into the group’s members and their interaction that even longtime team members don’t have. This magic gives you … [Read more...]

Wellness Coaching Jobs

Wellness coaching jobs are everywhere. You probably ran into at least a few wellness coaches in the last six months, and didn't even know it. In fact the diversity in wellness coaching jobs is so profound, that you could have a team of 20 people and not cover the wide variety of specific descriptions that this wellness coaching industry covers. These jobs are available online, in gyms and therapy centers, and in the public sector as well. The most exciting part for many people is that this … [Read more...]