Business Success Coaching: 7 Essential Categories

Business success coaching works whether you’re starting a business from scratch or had coaching for the last decade to develop a successful business.

Why Business Success Coaching?

Mastering these 7 principles will align you with your dreams and goals faster than any system I have came across to produce success.

Leadership is the first of the principles. Businesses that coach or mentor their personnel on the topics of leadership grow quickly. Leadership develops the future of your business. First discover and develop your strengths. In business success coaching, we assist you in declaring your vision for the future and what you want your legacy to represent.

Marketing is the next topic we will cover. As a coach, my focus is on the success of the business. In helping businesses market their services we focus on them being consistent with what they are doing and with what the client wants. The intent of business success coaching is to let people know how great you are by demonstrating your own personal example and experience. Image is everything, be mindful of you actions.

Show Me The Money: Business Success Coach!

The third area is in fact money. Gain control over your financial statements. Whether it’s your budget, spending plan, income sheet, and balance sheet or cash flow statements. Business success coaching reinforces the bottom line: Establish, track and maintain predictable cash flow. This will relieve many of your stressors if you plan ahead for upturns, downturns and growth. Keep good books and plan to make a profit.

Now let’s take a look at management. When coaching business success it’s imperative to that the management assembles and motivates the right team by hiring and retaining the right employees. Clearly define their accountabilities and strengthen their commitment by enrolling them into your vision.

Business Success Coaching Opens The Window to Success

Client fulfillment is one the most important principles we will cover. If you make a promise, deliver on that promise every time! One of your biggest tasks is to develop the perfect product in your customer’s eyes. Successful coaches use a feedback grid in their business to assess their coaching effectiveness. This grid could be as simple as a zero to five matrix scale. Zero equals boring and five equals fun. Give me a high five!

The last two areas of business success coaching are around sales. Lead generation and lead conversion. With lead generation, create an acute awareness in your target market. Be the example. Live, eat, breathe this lifestyle.

In closing, lead conversion is about creating a predictable sales system or outcome. Example: where do you want to eat lunch today, McDonalds or Burger King? Which one do you prefer? Do you want chicken or fish? Coke or sprite? Remember it is all about getting your client to make a decision.

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Mark Rabbitt
JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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