Keep Your Best People by Being Their Career Coach

Being your employees’ career coach means working to identify opportunities for them, and helping them move on to take advantage of those opportunities. So how does that help you keep your people? Well this is how it works.

Create BIG Goals and Demand Hard Work

First, as their career coach, you really need to get to know your people. You need to know their strengths, weaknesses and dreams. I highly recommend using assessments to accomplish this. Then help them formulate BIG goals. The kind of goals that will keep them charged up, and will take a lot of growth and quite awhile to achieve. As a result, they will be highly motivated, put in great work and will stay where they are, while they work toward their goals. Reinforce their commitment by demanding hard work. This will create a sense of pride in your good people, and will drive out your lazy, unmotivated workers – a true double win!

Develop Your People by Delegating Growth Opportunities

Look for opportunities to delegate leadership and demanding technical tasks to your best people. This will help them develop key skills for their next position. Acting in your place can really add realism to the development experience. Also delegating like this will demonstrate your leadership capabilities. And since there is no more valuable reputation to have than as a leader skilled at created new leaders, this will serve your career, as well.

Being Known as a Career Coach Draws the Best New People

A manager who is also a career coach is pretty rare, so once the word gets around – and it will – you will find a long line forming of really good people looking for a chance to become part of your team. So you never have to worry about what you will do when one of your best people leaves to take that next opportunity you have both so carefully worked for.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. James says

    When you uplift and encourage those around you everyone gains benefits of what they do and learn. Helping those who you are in charge of and giving them guidance and direction will bring success. When they gain new skills and grow in their job, they want to do better and more for those who helped them succeed. Good most always brings good results. When we educate and inform those around us we empower then to go to do things they never thought the could do. And the positive benefits for you is memory’s that will motivate you and bring happiness for a lifetime.

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