Rock Their World; Be a Career Coach

These days when jobs are scarce, it is pretty good to help find someone a job. But as a career coach, you can really get inside their head and help them figure out exactly what sort of job fits their style, and values and talents. When you do that, you set your client up for a lifetime of success, and fulfillment.

Step1, Do an Assessment

With the proper assessment, you can easily determine your client’s style (both when relaxed and when at work), their values and their talents. With this, you can determine the sort of position that will play to your client’s strengths, those situations that will harmonize or be in conflict with their values, and those positions in which they will be most satisfied.

Step 2, Do a Detailed Career Analysis

The next step is to interview the client and systematically review the client’s work history. What jobs did they hold? What did they like? What did they dislike most? Answers to these and other questions, give the career coach, the base they need to make valid recommendations.

Step 3, the Career Coach Matches the Client with Positions, Industries and Companies

Even at our fifty-thousand foot level, the next steps are clear. The career coach identifies jobs, industries and companies that fit their client’s style, values and talents. Armed with this information, the client begins the process of researching and networking to open doors to a productive, fulfilling and happy future. Whether it is a job, as we have primarily been discussing, or it is a business of their own, the client is at peace and focused because they understand that they are on the right track for long term success.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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