How The Deadly Sin Of Greed Can Kill Your Life Coaching Business

  Second in our series on the seven deadly sins in your life coaching business is greed. Greed is defined as reprehensible or insatiable desire to acquire or possess more than one needs or deserves—the extreme end of the scale of wanting. Unlike the first deadly sin of pride, greed doesn't have any long-term up side to it, although wanting certainly can. Wanting to fill our coaching practice or learn advanced coaching and marketing skills can get us into action in a positive way. But if … [Read more...]

Pride: The First Deadly Sin In Life Coaching

  In your life coaching business, as in your life, the seven deadly sins can show up to suck the joy and the success out of you and out of your career as a coach. I bet you know what they look like when they show up in your personal life. Have you thought about how they might look in your business? This is the first in a series of articles on the seven deadly sins in life coaching and your life coaching business. Does Pride Diminish Your Life Coaching Business Success? Pride can be a … [Read more...]

How Your Dirty Little Secrets Impact Your Personal Coach Salary

  Who you are as a person has a direct effect on your personal coach salary. Those dirty, little secrets we try to hide from the rest of the world eventually become public. And if you think the people who are close to you don’t know, ask them if you dare. Your personal friends and family know you better than you know yourself at times. Your Personal Coach Salary Is A Direct Correlation To Your Level Of Integrity As a coach, you can tell subtle changes in someone’s voice. It lets you … [Read more...]

Expert Tips To Use Google To Build Your Life Coaching Business

When you are building your life coaching business, you want Google to be your friend. How many people do you know who regularly type search terms into Google to get information or find a provider for some service they want or need? Probably just about everyone you know. Probably you! And you often get sent to someone’s blog. So wouldn’t you like some tips on how to get Google to send prospective clients to your blog? Getting Life Coaching Business Referrals From Google If you want to build … [Read more...]

Advanced Blogging Techniques To Boost Your Life Coach Career

What are you doing to make your life coach career super successful? Do you give talks? Teleseminars? How do you find leads to whom you can offer complimentary sessions? If you are not doing marketing online and writing a client-attracting blog, you may be missing out on a huge group of people who are your potential clients and who desperately need your help. So don’t be intimidated–get started writing! What To Write About There are two main guides for choosing the subjects you write about in … [Read more...]

Leadership Coaching Psychology: A Billion Dollar Woman

The California governor’s race is a glaring example to examine Leadership coaching psychology because this billion dollar woman has no excuse for the stupidity she’s shown while racing for the governor of California in 2010 while spending boatloads of her own money to buy her way into the top job in Sacramento. Obviously lack of cash isn’t the issue why this billionaire didn’t seem to have a top leadership coach on her team to advise her how to handle the most explosive event in her campaign so … [Read more...]

Grow Your Life Coaching Business With Joint Ventures In 3 Easy Steps

Growing your life coaching business with joint ventures can be scary if you haven’t done it before. Scarier is you’ve tried and haven’t succeeded. If you have tested method of creating profitable relationships with others, however, it can be fun. Here are a few steps to get you started. Growing Your Life Coaching Business With Joint Ventures Is Like Dating Before you start contacting potential joint ventures, you need the right mind-set. Although working with joint ventures can be profitable, … [Read more...]

Successful Coaching Is Turning The Gun On The Coach

is getting through your clients’ thick head that they can’t get a thousand percent boost in their business or life until they see themselves as the lion tamer of getting the results they need from coaching. This means they need to be trained to whip you into shape and get you to perform at the highest level you possibly can so they get the most they possibly can out of coaching with you. You have to turn the tables on the way you think of coaching relationships. Coaching isn’t a one way … [Read more...]

Clever Ways To Get Coaching Success Stories Using Testimonials

Have you started collecting your coaching success stories yet? If you haven’t, you are missing out on a terrific tool for marketing your life coach business, for using in your sales conversations and for helping your life coaching clients. And in case you haven’t guessed, the best source for your personal coaching success stories is testimonials from people you have coached. Get Testimonials From Everyone You Coach For every coaching setting, whether complimentary sessions, individual … [Read more...]

3 Secrets To Build Your Life Coaching Business With Testimonials

No matter how good a coach you are, building your life coaching business is a big job with lots of components. But have you realized that testimonials can be one of your best tools for business building? You want your testimonials to be coaching success stories, and you want them in your life coaching business building tool kit because you can use them effectively in several ways. Use Testimonials In Marketing Your Life Coaching Business In marketing, whether for a life coaching business or … [Read more...]