Leadership Coaching Psychology: A Billion Dollar Woman

The California governor’s race is a glaring example to examine Leadership coaching psychology because this billion dollar woman has no excuse for the stupidity she’s shown while racing for the governor of California in 2010 while spending boatloads of her own money to buy her way into the top job in Sacramento. Obviously lack of cash isn’t the issue why this billionaire didn’t seem to have a top leadership coach on her team to advise her how to handle the most explosive event in her campaign so far.

Who are the highly paid idiot psychology coaches on Ms. Whitman’s leadership coaching team which coached Meg to deny on camera that her domestic worker of 9 years was an illegal immigrant? Whoever they are they’re not doing a good job as her leadership coaches.

If you assume Meg’s statement is even true at all, then you can gather that Meg has no concern nor interest in the little people in her life, and that doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy about her becoming my governor. No matter which side Meg Whitman tries to come out on this issue, she can’t hide the fact that she and her husband Mr. Harsh had no integrity in their relationship they had with the Mexican woman which spent 9 years in their home who interfaced with their family, friends, and business associates on a daily basis.

What’s leadership coaching psychology about?

Let’s put politics aside. Any candidate for public office needs to answer questions about their past. Voters want to know these things including the psychology of the candidates. The first leadership coaching question should have been set to Meg: Is there any areas of your past and present life which needs to be cleaned up? Set right? Handled?

A great leadership coach would have drilled down with thousands of more questions like this looking at every close relationship Meg Whitman has had in her life getting to the bottom of everything which could negatively affect the outcome of the race, including the little people.

You can’t rely on your coaching clients to hand over all the facts about their life. It wasn’t only Meg’s job to relay all areas of concern because they may not be at top of mind for your leadership coaching clients. It’s your job as the leadership coach to get into the psychology of your client and uncover integrity gaps which could cause your clients grief. That’s why you get paid the big bucks.

The psychology of crisis

I agree with you that you can’t be 100% prepared for every thing which might happen in a race for governor, but when a serious threat rears it’s head a leadership coach must be in your coaching client’s court so you can coach her through the game from start to finish. The #1 thing you must get through to your leadership coaching psychology client is to always call on you before making any decision that could break her leg in the race for governor.

Then focus on what’s true and real in the dark moments of her crisis. You can never really hide the truth, but you can face it and deal with the truth honestly, swiftly, and with integrity, and the truth will set you free if you let truth be your guide.

Let’s back-up to the start of this crisis. In truth, this situation should have been handled at the time the Mexican woman was fired without severance pay for asking for support from Meg and Mr. Harsh to become a legal citizen of the United States. The shit hit the fan because they dealt with her request with a serious lack of integrity by firing the woman and allegedly saying: You don’t know me and I don’t know you.

Talk about no integrity and harsh and cruel treatment. Leadership coaching psychology should always be that I’ll put a spin on the truth not that I’ll spin a lie because lies always catch-up with you in the long-run no matter how much money you have to cover-up your little, dirty secrets.

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Donald R. Hunter, MBA, Certified Financial Planner
JTS Certified Accountability Coach

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