Successful Coaching Is Turning The Gun On The Coach

is getting through your clients’ thick head that they can’t get a thousand percent boost in their business or life until they see themselves as the lion tamer of getting the results they need from coaching. This means they need to be trained to whip you into shape and get you to perform at the highest level you possibly can so they get the most they possibly can out of coaching with you.

You have to turn the tables on the way you think of coaching relationships. Coaching isn’t a one way street where you get your client to take on assignments each week and they see you as the person they should rely on to get them what they want. Setting up your coaching connections this way is a huge mistake on your part because your client won’t be fully engaged in coaching.

How to setup a successful coaching bond?

It’s turning the gun on yourself and keeping your clients fully engaged and aware of their responsibility in the coaching relationship. Off the bat, start by teaching your clients what they should expect from coaching and tell them if you as their coach don’t do these things that their responsibility is to call you down on the carpet for not doing what you’re expected to do.

Now you have skin in the game and if you’re being accountable and delivering successfully on your half of the coaching relationship, you’ll be creating the space where your client is equally held responsible for following through on their promises to you. You can then hold them accountable for not putting you in check when you’re out of integrity as their coach.

5 coaching expectations your client needs to have for you

Here are 5 essential things you need to make you’re client aware of from the start to have a successful coaching relationship:

1. You should never be late to a coaching call. There’s no excuse and if you are ever late, you must own it and make a promise how you’ll handle being on time in the future.
2. You should be organized and keep clear notes on what happens in the coaching session and what commitments they make. You need to always be at least one step ahead of your clients at all times.
3. You go beyond what you hear your client say and see them do by digging deeper into the issues to find the exact cause and add real value to their situation so the client is successful each week.
4. You have a 100% focus on them in every coaching session and the client feels you only care about what’s best for them.
5. You spend time asking really great questions instead of thinking you know what your client wants and shot gunning them with misdirected information. That’s not coaching.

By giving your coaching clients these successful coaching tips and how they should hold your feet to the fire for their achievements, you will solve the problem of your clients not being fully connected with you and engaged in their own success. The beauty of setting up your coaching relationships in this way is that your clients will keep you performing at the highest level possible at all times.

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Donald R. Hunter, MBA, Certified Financial Planner
JTS Certified Accountability Coach

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