Poverty Is Victory For Your Life Coaching Business–Or Is It?

In a recent blog my colleague wrote about the benefits of your personal experience of poverty to your life coaching business. While I mostly agree with what she said, I think there is another side of this poverty experience that merits our attention. That is the issue of coming into your life coaching business from a position of scarcity rather than a position of abundance. The Danger Of Using Poverty As A Resource When you overcome the pain of your own personal state of poverty and scarcity, … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Confessions: What I Never Say Because I’m Too Lazy

There are things that I say inside my head but I would never say out loud because I’m too lazy. I do this with my clients, and I know how much work it is. And how necessary it is to my clients’ success. How about you? How often do you go to the edge for your clients? Maybe you just don’t think it would make a difference in your their life. Maybe it’s too much of a hassle. Maybe you’re not fully engaged in the coaching conversation. Are You Robbing Your Life Coaching Clients? Life coaching is … [Read more...]

Coaching Success Stories

Coaching success stories don’t just motivate clients to enroll, they also motivate coaches. It’s not easy when your coaching clients are struggling toward their own success. How do you avoid getting pulled into their stories of discouragement? How do you avoid staying up all night tossing and turning about your clients’ lack of success? It’s helpful to have a set of your own coaching success stories to turn to in these times. Coaching Success Stories Are Everywhere You can find success stories … [Read more...]

Are You Ready To Start A Life Coaching Practice?

How do you know if you are ready to start a coaching practice? It sounds like a great idea, but the average coach makes about 12K during the first year. Only the top 5% make more than 100K. How can you tell if you are ready to start your own practice? It takes more than great coaching skills. It takes determination at a level that will scare away all but a few. How to Tell If Are Ready To Start a Coaching Practice. 1. Create a long term vision, and align yourself with it. Make decisions from … [Read more...]

Career Coaching Tools: Test Your Personal Temperature

The benefit of career coaching tools is you can test out where you’re flaming hot and where you’re as cold as an iceberg. Coaching tools help coaches peel back the onion on their client’s dirty secrets and berried strengths. Like a hot yellow onion, you may get some piercing feedback that’ll knock you to your knees because you really don’t want to hear bad news which makes you’re eyes water and your nose tingle, but it’s best to find out now before you launch head first into a new career. Do … [Read more...]

A Coach Disciplines Us Because Of Infantile Behaviors

A coach disciplines us because often times we’re just big whiny cry babies. We cry and kick and scream because we don’t get what we want when we want it. I understand why tiny infants burst into tears because they don’t get what they want and they’re not able to take care of themselves, but I don’t accept it when a fully grown adult coaching client sucks their thumb and stomps their feet about not having what they want in life. As a grown-up life coach, you’ve got to wean yourself off of this … [Read more...]

Raising Your Life Coaching Fees In A ‘Down’ Economy

Your life coaching fees are dependent on how much value you provide to others.  How much would you pay to increase your income from 10K to 40K per month?  To save your marriage?  To be able to provide a college education for your children?  Everyone has something they really want in life.  When you provide that to others, your coaching and services are priceless.  But how do you get people to pay your fees? 3 Tips To Protecting Your Life Coaching Fees. 1. Protect yourself from competition.  … [Read more...]

Coaching Certification Was Like Surviving A Tornado

Coaching certification turned my life up side down. It was like surviving a tornado. Being coachable is the number one reason why I've been able to succeed. To get certified, you need to be fully committed to spend 15 hours a week with your feet to the grind grudging through your written assignments and peer coaching sessions. You'll go through a real psychological upheaval for the better. Once you come out on the other side of the certification tornado, you have the keys to motivation, … [Read more...]

Business Coaching Fees Will Make You Sneeze

Business coaching fees are nothing to sneeze at. On average they are greater than life coaching fees. As more businesses get their hands on investor capital and bank financing, fees will bump up rapidly. How much you can charge depends on a number of factors, including the length of your coaching contract, your skill level as a coach, and the complexity and time necessary to produce smashing results for your client. I show you how you should set your business coaching fees below. If you're … [Read more...]

Sad Life Coaching Business Lessons I Learned From My Cat

There are a lot of obvious obstacles to having your own life coaching business, and some that are not so obvious.  Life has a way of remaining fairly consistent, and without coaching life can be very predictable.  A lot of people would love to have the lifestyle of a cat.  Wouldn’t it be great to have time to relax and enjoy life, and then go out and do your business when you feel like it?  Unfortunately, my cat taught me 3 tough-love lessons about running a life coaching business. Kahlua’s … [Read more...]