Do You Have a Leadership Coaching Psychology?

Leadership coaching psychology is about the framework in which you work with clients to develop their leadership potential. It's all about helping today's leaders build a better tomorrow. 3 Key Components to a Successful Leadership Coaching Psychology Goals In any type of coaching, goals have to be clearly delineated. What does the client want? What do they want to achieve? Where do they want to be in one year, five years, ten years? This means that the identification, clarification, … [Read more...]

Leadership Coaching Psychology: A Billion Dollar Woman

The California governor’s race is a glaring example to examine Leadership coaching psychology because this billion dollar woman has no excuse for the stupidity she’s shown while racing for the governor of California in 2010 while spending boatloads of her own money to buy her way into the top job in Sacramento. Obviously lack of cash isn’t the issue why this billionaire didn’t seem to have a top leadership coach on her team to advise her how to handle the most explosive event in her campaign so … [Read more...]

Keys to Leadership Coaching Psychology: Psychology Coaching for The Next Curve of Innovative Revolutionaries

Leadership coaching psychology is all about one thing: Vision.  Psychology coaching tactics aside, you'll need to help today's leaders with creating, honing, and holding steady with their vision for the future.  Don't get caught up too much with cool psychology coaching tricks to 'wow' your client if they are a leader.  Today's leaders want you to get to the point and help them with good leadership coaching psychology, rather than parlor tricks. More than Psychology Coaching: Creating a Vision … [Read more...]