Advanced Blogging Techniques To Boost Your Life Coach Career

What are you doing to make your life coach career super successful? Do you give talks? Teleseminars? How do you find leads to whom you can offer complimentary sessions? If you are not doing marketing online and writing a client-attracting blog, you may be missing out on a huge group of people who are your potential clients and who desperately need your help. So don’t be intimidated–get started writing!

What To Write About

There are two main guides for choosing the subjects you write about in your blog. First, write about what interests you. If you are writing about something you feel passionate about, your passion will come through and your readers will respond to it. Enjoy yourself and be involved with what you are writing. Write about what it’s like to have a life coach career. Base your blog on a film or show you found inspiring or thought-provoking. Use your own personal experience to illustrate some learning you have had. Or talk about how you handled a particular problem or issue in your coaching. Second, find out what your clients and potential clients want to hear about. If your life coach career is focused on coaching within a particular niche, articles within that niche are a safe bet. With or without a niche, survey your readers, see what’s being discussed on related forums and see what questions people have. Then use those as the subject matter for your blog.

How Your Writing Style Affects Your Life Coach Career

If you haven’t been reading blogs written by other people in your field, read some. See what style of writing appeals to you. Does a more scholarly academic approach hold your interest? Or do you enjoy a more informal or folksy style? What length of article are you comfortable with? What sort of format looks good to you? Experiment and see what feels good to write. Different styles will appeal to different clients and what appeals to you is probably consistent with your own innate style of communication. So write in a style you enjoy reading. If you can inject some of your own humor and personality into your writing, so much the better. That will increase your chances of filling your practice with individuals who resonate with your coaching style, and make your life coach career more rewarding for you and your clients.

Over the life of your life coach career, your blog will be a growing resource on your expanding coaching knowledge and experience. In the shorter term, though, blogging is fast becoming a necessary part of marketing your business and helping your ideal clients find you on line.

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Dorine G Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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