Changing Lives Through Life Coaching Or Watching Television: Your Choice

There is no difference between changing the world through life coaching and watching T.V. You’re just doing something else. But some proverbial questions come to mind. At the end of your life, what will you look back on? Will you wish you had watched more television? Or will you wish you had made a bigger difference in the world? In the coaching world most people would probably choose the later. The Tongue In Your Shoe Doesn’t Lie Your activities do matter. In the movie, ‘Forrest Gump’, … [Read more...]

Your Life Coaching Business: Lessons On Audacity From The Daily Show

What does it take to have a successful life coaching business? Earlier this week John Stewart took audacity to a new level. His guest was none other than President Obama. I have walked across fire, but I don’t know if I could maintain an emotional state that would allow me to call the president of the U.S. on the carpet. John Stewart truly has some chutzpa. It’s obvious he will do whatever it takes to follow his vision. Are You Committed To Your Life Coaching Business Or Your Comfort? John … [Read more...]

In-Person Life Coach Programs: Should You Bother?

Have you had the experience of any live, in-person life coach programs yet? Trainings that you attend in person are a totally different experience from programs that happen over the phone or the internet. Much of my training was on the phone and internet. But each segment of my JTS Advisors Master Coach University training also included a bonus 3-day in-person program, and for me those were much more than the icing on the cake. The Benefits Of In-Person Life Coach Programs. • The biggest … [Read more...]

Turn “Start Life Coaching Business Blues” Into Good News

If you don’t already have the nasty blues trying to push yourself to start life coaching business on a shoe string, just wait a few months and you will be bleeding from head to toe and crying your heart out. Watch out for the big ticket price tag for great sounding, tantalizing coaching certification programs because you may be in for a big surprise. Stop and shove your fist through that persuasive online order now window. Say hell no! Hang onto your credit card and your hard earned cash until … [Read more...]

Lessons For Successful Coaching From A Wooden Puzzle

When I told my husband I was looking for inspiration for a blog on successful coaching, he said “how about this?” and pulled a new wooden puzzle out of his carrier bag. As I watched him take the puzzle apart and work on putting it back together, I realized the puzzle and his approach to it exemplify a great approach to successful coaching so... Successful Coaching Requires Focus and Persistence When working on a puzzle, my husband is a great model for a coach working with a client. Whether … [Read more...]

Becoming A Coach Despite The Green-Eyed Monster

Becoming a coach and turning coaching into a successful business can sometimes feel like a never ending fight for emotional self-mastery. Mostly we have to fight fear, uncertainty and lack of confidence. But envy, the third deadly sin in our series, can also be one of the emotions that needs mastering. Becoming A Coach Reminds Me Of Rock Climbing Have you ever gone rock-climbing? The kind where there's a huge fall of boulders and you're climbing behind someone who's better at it than you, with … [Read more...]

How Your Life Coaching Clients Sabotage You And How To Stop Them

We’ve all had life coaching clients who didn’t get the results they wanted. When this happens, who do they blame? You. Although it’s not fair, there is little you can do after the fact. Fortunately there are objective ways to point out to your clients how they may be sabotaging not only their coaching sessions, but their life as well. How To Keep Your Life Coaching Clients From Blaming You For Their Lack Of Success. 1. Hold your clients accountable for showing up on time and in focus. A client … [Read more...]

Unlikely Life Coaching Business Lessons From A Cookie Baker

Whether or not you like cookies, I just learned some life coaching business lessons from Gail Dosik of OneToughCookie. At the age of 50, she gave up a lucrative career in fashion to pursue her heart’s desire of starting her own decorative cookie business. How many life coaches start out the same way? There were so many parallels between Gail’s story and many coaching success stories I’ve heard that I had to read on. Gail’s Simple Steps To Success. 1. She quit her job and enrolled in culinary … [Read more...]

How Is Life Coaching Like Shopping For Clothes?

It sounds silly, but in some ways life coaching is like shopping for clothes. Whether you are a man or a woman, we all have our beliefs about coaching and how it fits into our lives. These beliefs, although maybe not something we’re conscious of, affect our interactions with our clients and potential clients. In effect, these beliefs affect whether our coaching career will be successful or not. Using Shopping Tips To Get Better Life Coaching Results. 1. Be aware of your own personal style. My … [Read more...]

Coaching Fees: What People Find Priceless In Coaching

  A lot of coaches wonder what they have to do to get people to pay their coaching fees. Coaching is not a tangible commodity. In fact, one of my friends and mentors says we are in the business of selling, “Unicorns and Rainbows.” Personally, it’s hard to imagine anyone paying fees for a dream. But they will if they believe the coaching they receive will turn their dreams into a reality. Paying Coaching Fees Doesn’t Guarantee Results This is often the most difficult part of the … [Read more...]