The Secret To Success In Life Coach Marketing

If you are a life coach, marketing is what will determine whether or not you are a financial success. You may be the most effective coach, the most skilled coach, the most compassionate coach, the most any adjective you like coach. But without effective life coach marketing, you may very well struggle to make a decent living, let alone a great living, by coaching. So what’s the key to marketing effectively? What is marketing about? .Marketing is about conveying information. Life coach … [Read more...]

5 Inner Game Keys To Business Success Coaching For Coaches

Many coaches are in dire need of business success coaching. Are you one of them? Do you want to keep coaching or not? As a coach, your first love is probably helping people-- solving problems, reducing conflicts in relationships, all that great caring for everyone else.  How about a little love for yourself?  You’ve heard it before, but here it is again.  If you don’t look after your own needs first, you won’t be able to go on helping others.  One of the best ways of looking after yourself is … [Read more...]

5 Outer Game Keys To Business Success Coaching For Coaches

At the same time as your business success coaching is giving you the inner game keys to a successful coaching business, you also need the outer game strategies. No matter what’s going on in your head, if you don’t take action, nothing in your business will change. You will be left with an enjoyable (hopefully!) hobby, but you won’t have a sustainable business to fill your financial needs as well as your emotional ones. A key from Napoleon Hill This one’s a bonus in case you haven’t read … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips: Why Nobody Cares About Your Book

Coaching tips are not always easy to swallow. And while there may be some people who care about your book, that’s not why you wrote it. You wanted to make a difference for people. At some level you know that everyone sees that book will care less than you do about it than you do. Sometimes you might not even want to read your own stuff when you’re done with the day. You know it so well that it’s already boring. This is really scary when you consider trying to get someone to read your book. … [Read more...]

The Life Coaching Business Mindset For Attracting Clients

If you’re like most coaches, the reason you started your life coaching business was to help people. Most of us coaches are selfless when working with our clients; and selfish when we stop. Specific to marketing, we have our own perception of a marketer. We think we are different from those people. Our business is helping people. When our clients are in front of us, of course and we get into that coaching state. It doesn’t matter how good of a coach you are, however, until you get in front of … [Read more...]

How To Choose A Life Coaching Business Name That Will Attract Clients

The first thing many coaches want to do when they start their life coaching business is to choose a name. The process can take months, and it costs time that would be better spent on getting coaching clients. Unfortunately most life coaches don’t have the information they need to choose a great name when they are just starting their business. The Formula For Success In Choosing a Life Coaching Business Name Before you can choose a life coaching business name, you need information. You must … [Read more...]

A Timely Tip From NLP Life Coaching

NLP life coaching gets the results your client wants with a highly effective combination of NLP, the science of the language of the mind, and the art and technology of coaching.   A skilled NLP practitioner can use NLP to reframe events, remove phobias and cause transformations in a variety of situations.  Recently, Matt Brauning, Founder of Evolution Seminars and Certified Trainer of NLP, taught me a simple concept and technique which may help your NLP life coaching clients understand their … [Read more...]

Relationship Coaching: The Surprising Lesson I Learned From My Husband

Sometimes valuable relationship coaching lessons pop up at the oddest moments. A few years ago a 2 year-old boy was staying at our house for an extended period. He happily played with my daughter toys; including the miniature kitchen, dolls, and strollers. One day my husband said that if this little guy was going to stay with us, he needed to have some “boy” toys. I was shocked, and a little resistant. Why was this a big deal? The Biggest Relationship Mistake Women Make We, as women, are so … [Read more...]

Five Secrets You Need To Know When You Become A Parenting Coach

When you become a parenting coach, you will often hear the lament that children don’t come with a handbook. Well, there are lots of parenting books available now, but they don’t offer the personal support that parents want and need to deal with the challenges they face in the demanding bundles of energy that are their children. What’s the biggest secret to share when you become a parenting coach? 1) When you become a parenting coach, clients will come to you because they want help with their … [Read more...]

Leadership Training And Coaching: Winning Despite The Odds

What is leadership training and coaching all about? Leadership is definitely not for the fragile and faint of heart. It’s actually more akin to a firewalk; a barefoot walk across hot coals that challenges you to face your greatest fears. Let’s face it. When tempers flare, most people either fight or walk away. In both cases, it’s a Lose-Lose. Is there really training that can transform even the worse scenario into a Win-Win? Beyond Life Coaching Have you ever had a leadership training and … [Read more...]