The Secret To Success In Life Coach Marketing

If you are a life coach, marketing is what will determine whether or not you are a financial success. You may be the most effective coach, the most skilled coach, the most compassionate coach, the most any adjective you like coach. But without effective life coach marketing, you may very well struggle to make a decent living, let alone a great living, by coaching. So what’s the key to marketing effectively?

What is marketing about?

.Marketing is about conveying information. Life coach marketing is about conveying the benefits of your coaching to your potential clients. What will they get as a result of your coaching? The profitability of your coaching is directly related to your ability to translate what you do and present it as concrete, external outcomes that your potential clients want.

Who are you when you design your life coach marketing?

.You have a choice when you develop your marketing materials. You can keep your “coach hat” on and be the expert. Or you can put your “marketer hat” on and draw clients to you so that you have the opportunity to change their lives. Let’s look at some of the differences in mindset about life coach marketing under the two hats.

1) The expert’s internal dialogue is all about himself. He feels he’s invested his time and money and energy learning his craft. He’s highly skilled. Now he just has to let people know that he’s an expert, and they will come flocking to hear his words of wisdom. He thinks marketing is immoral, unethical, or at the very least, beneath his pay grade.

2) The marketer’s internal dialogue says that marketing has to be the highest priority and that the most successful coaches are marketers first and experts second. She knows that people have to be educated about the value of coaching, and that they are only interested in knowing WIIFM, also known as what’s in it for me. She knows that potential clients won’t buy your services unless you are offering what they want.

Which hat are you wearing? Is it time for a change?

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Dorine G Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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