What is a Relationship Coach – 10 Reasons People Need One

What is a relationship coach? Glad you asked. But, first why did you ask? Did you ask as a potential client or coach? Are you thinking that becoming a relationship coach would be a good career move? If so, you would be right. What is a Relationship Coach? A relationship coach provides third-party, experienced, and educated views and coaching on relationships of all types, from dating to family to business. Relationships coaches help their clients traverse the often treacherous and murky … [Read more...]

How to Tell if Your Relationship Coach is Any Good

Is there a way to tell if your relationship coach is any good? Quantifying success is difficult in a relationship, but there are some common sense ways to measure the effectiveness of your relationship coach. Do you like him or her? When working with someone closely, as you would with a coach, it is important to like them. You are not there to be best friends, but there should be some degree of mutual respect. Is the coach helping you? You may not be able to tell in the first one or … [Read more...]

Does Relationship Coaching Encompass Sex Coaching?

I recently joined a third-party website to promote my relationship coaching services. It is a good platform to earn money on coaching services and I have found two new clients in the past month. Not bad for starting out. However, I believe some of these people are confused as to what relationship coaching actually is. I received several phone calls from people wanting to tell me their deep, dark secrets about fantasies and how their innate need to please themselves may be interfering in their … [Read more...]

Relationship Coaching: The Surprising Lesson I Learned From My Husband

Sometimes valuable relationship coaching lessons pop up at the oddest moments. A few years ago a 2 year-old boy was staying at our house for an extended period. He happily played with my daughter toys; including the miniature kitchen, dolls, and strollers. One day my husband said that if this little guy was going to stay with us, he needed to have some “boy” toys. I was shocked, and a little resistant. Why was this a big deal? The Biggest Relationship Mistake Women Make We, as women, are so … [Read more...]