Why Coaching Soft Skills to Your Clients is Important to Their Overall Success

NLP Life Coaching – An Overview

Introduction NLP Life Coaching is a radical approach to induce desired behavioral change using the relationship between the patterns of thought, emotions and patterns of behavior of people. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is a science based on human behavior and the underlying sub-conscious programs. NLP principles rest on the belief that individuals have immense mental power that remains dormant in their subconscious minds and that power can be unleashed by NLP trained … [Read more...]

A Timely Tip From NLP Life Coaching

NLP life coaching gets the results your client wants with a highly effective combination of NLP, the science of the language of the mind, and the art and technology of coaching.   A skilled NLP practitioner can use NLP to reframe events, remove phobias and cause transformations in a variety of situations.  Recently, Matt Brauning, Founder of Evolution Seminars and Certified Trainer of NLP, taught me a simple concept and technique which may help your NLP life coaching clients understand their … [Read more...]

NLP Life Coaching: Free Coaching Training to Change Your Clients Limiting Beliefs

NLP life coaching offers a lot of technology that can transform a client within a single coaching session. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) teaches the ability to have someone rewire their belief system in a way that breaks down self-limiting beliefs and replaces them with beliefs that empower. You can spend years improving your NLP life coaching skills, but there are some techniques that you can start implementing right away to help empower your clients. Here is some free coaching training to … [Read more...]

NLP Life Coaching: Tools to Help You Become a Coach who Helps Their Clients Get Lasting Results

Are there any NLP life coaching techniques to help you become a coach that helps your clients reinforce the new beliefs that they created, so they can create lasting change? Billy Mills used a very powerful NLP life coaching technique in 1964 when he won the 10,000 meters at the Tokyo Olympics...before the term NLP life coaching was ever coined. What the world saw as a huge surprise, Mills had been VISUALIZING for years. “I visualized it hundreds and hundreds of times per day in detail to the … [Read more...]

Do We Need a Definition of Coaching? NLP Life Coaching Takes the Test

Do we Really Need a Definition of Coaching? One of the problems that the industry of professional life coaching seems to have is an identity crisis.  Wether it's co-active coaching or NLP life coaching, no one seems to know just what the definition of coaching really is.  I was at a party tonight and people were asking me questions when I told them that I ran a coaching company.  They asked things like, "What do you teach?".  "Are you about marketing?".  "Do you motivate people?"  I always knew … [Read more...]