5 Outer Game Keys To Business Success Coaching For Coaches

At the same time as your business success coaching is giving you the inner game keys to a successful coaching business, you also need the outer game strategies. No matter what’s going on in your head, if you don’t take action, nothing in your business will change. You will be left with an enjoyable (hopefully!) hobby, but you won’t have a sustainable business to fill your financial needs as well as your emotional ones.

A key from Napoleon Hill

This one’s a bonus in case you haven’t read Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill said that successful people do two things. One, they make lots of decisions. And two, they make them quickly. Do you?

Outer game tactics from business success coaching

1) The business face that your clients see must be professional. Be concise and business-like in your company name and email. Likewise in letterheads, invoices, etc. Record your answer phone message clearly and briefly in appropriate language.

2) Have a business plan. If you have a business, you need to write down the structure, the intent, and the details of how it is run. There are organizations like SCORE which offer business success coaching on business plans as well as other aspects of business at very low cost.

3) Develop a marketing plan. If you depend on word of mouth, which is what a lot of coaches do, it may be years, if ever, before you build a full practice. Figure out the fears, frustrations and desires of your niche, and use that information to inform your marketing.

4) Learn to delegate. Once you have your business plan and you know what tasks need to be done to run your business successfully, decide what you can do, what you want to do, and what will be more cost effective to get someone else to do. The business success coaching on this is really partly inner game too. It can be hard to give up the idea that you need to be able to do it all yourself. Give it up anyway and find some help!

5) Get a coach. This one’s last but not least, as the saying goes. To be successful in a coaching business, you need business success coaching. A coach will provide you with all that you want to provide for others–help with strategy, illumination of your blind spots, and accountability to make sure you actually take the actions to make your business a success.

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