5 Inner Game Keys To Business Success Coaching For Coaches

Many coaches are in dire need of business success coaching. Are you one of them?

Do you want to keep coaching or not?

As a coach, your first love is probably helping people– solving problems, reducing conflicts in relationships, all that great caring for everyone else.  How about a little love for yourself?  You’ve heard it before, but here it is again.  If you don’t look after your own needs first, you won’t be able to go on helping others.  One of the best ways of looking after yourself is making sure that your business is running as a successful business and not as a hobby.  So here is some business success coaching for you!

Business success coaching keys to confidence

1) Find the intersection of your passion, your expertise, and profitability, and choose a niche to coach based on that intersection.   Choosing a niche just means you have a starting point for your marketing.  You can still coach anyone you want.

2) Know what you want your outcome to be.  What will your successful coaching business look like?  How much time do you want to spend on it?  How many clients do you want and what do you want them to pay you?  What will you do with the money?  Put in all the details and make it real for yourself.

3) Figure out what you don’t know that you need to know.  Then learn it.

4) Develop the mindset that failure is a good outcome because you learn what not to do from it.

5) Be willing to make changes.  No matter how emotionally attached to your language, your program or your materials you are, if something isn’t giving you the results you want, disengage your emotions, and change what isn’t working.  Otherwise, your business success coaching won’t impact the success of your business!

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Dorine G Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach
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