Sport Psychology Coaching - Basic Concepts for Coaches

Sport Psychology Coaching – Basic Concepts for Coaches

Sport psychology coaching is an immensely valuable part of today's sports. While trained psychologists are employed throughout the sports industry, it's important for coaches to have a basic understanding of key concepts of sports psychology. The three that I find most helpful are mental visualization, goal setting and self talk. Understanding and applying these techniques will make you a better coach while helping your players succeed. The Mind Body Connection Sport psychology … [Read more...]

Helpful Ways to Adopt The Coaching Mindset That Makes You a Successful Coach

Why Sport Psychology Coaching is Important

What is sport psychology coaching and is it something that actually leads to better results. If you are an athletic coach, you probably also need to be a sports psychology coach to achieve the maximum results from your athletes. Besides wearing your athletic coach hat, you also need to have the sports psychology coach hat readily available.   What is Sports Psychology? It is the understanding of how the mid works to influence an athlete’s performance. It helps effect the success or … [Read more...]

Why Sport Psychology Coaching Might Be Right For You?

Sports psychology coaching is concerned with the mental part of the game. An individual can be off the charts athletically, but if their head is not right, they will never achieve as much as they should. Everything in life is a combination of the mind and the body; achievement and success in any sport relies heavily on the relationship between mind and body. Many athletes who are serious about their success have become involved with sport psychology coaching and rely on their sessions to push … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching: Sport Psychology Coaching Makes You Happy?

Psychology coaching tells us that life is all about the art of fulfillment. The whole point of everything you do is to feel happy and fulfilled. Sport psychology coaching focuses upon the science of achievement. Do you have the ability to achieve a measurable result? The whole point of sport psychology coaching is not to FEEL good, but to DO good. Although some sport psychology coaching enthusiasts would say that only when you've done good, you can feel good... and still other psychology … [Read more...]