Secrets Of Using Your Life Coach Fee As A Coaching Opportunity

Any potential coaching client is likely to ask about your life coach fee. In fact, whether it’s a complimentary session or a conversation in a supermarket, you can expect to be asked what you charge. In the supermarket you might offer a complimentary session and say you will discuss your fees after finding out exactly what the person needs. But how do you handle it when it’s the first question in a complimentary session? Do you come straight out with an amount per hour, or perhaps a monthly … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business: Use An Enrollment Script To Get The Life Coach Fee You Deserve

In your life coaching business, using an enrollment script can be helpful in getting the life coach fee you deserve.  When I help coaches start their life coaching business, often get a lot of resistance to using an enrollment script.  The number of coaches that use a word-for-word enrollment script is very small, even though you already use an enrollment "script" at the end of a free session.  The question is, have you drifted into it or have you engineered it to be as effective as it can be?  … [Read more...]

Life Coach Fee Scandal: The Naughty Life Coaching Business

Scandals From The Top Life Coaches in The Life Coaching Business Why are you reading this? Do you want to earn a higher life coach fee, or are you starting a life coaching business? Are you just curious what ‘scandal’ I’m speaking of in the title? Scandal has a lot to do with how a life coaching business can get more clients and begin to charge a higher life coach fee. Let me illustrate: What do all these headlines have in common? 'Well-loved' priest dead; police suspect … [Read more...]

What Should My Life Coach Fee Be? Setting Prices in Your Life Coaching Business

Life Coach Fee Dilemmas: What to Consider When Starting Your Life Coaching Business   The life coach fee you charge is the one single greatest factor that will impact your life coaching business.  No matter what you are making in your life coaching business at this time, you've got to think of the most important thing when considering your life coach fee: Your Client! This includes: Your coaching client's budget for your life coach fee Your coaching client's motivation to … [Read more...]