How to Become a Personal Success Coach: 5 Success Coaching Strategies You Can Use Right Now

Everyone who goes to a personal success coach for success coaching has a reason they haven’t succeeded. “They have a fear of success or they have a fear of failure.” “Bad luck or other circumstances have prevented them from taking the necessary actions.” And last but not least, “They’ve tried everything and nothing works.” Here are some success coaching strategies you can use as a personal success coach that will help you get people started on a path to success.

Success Coaching Strategy #1: Do What You Can Do, When You Can Do It

In success coaching your clients will always have reasons why they can’t get some things done. But, by consistently taking small steps on a daily basis, after a year you will have achieved more than most. The truth is, most people don’t even do that! As a personal success coach, most people will start making progress with a little accountability and strategy.

Success Coaching Strategy #2: Find a Mentor

If you’re going to go somewhere you’ve never been, you either need a map or a guide. As a personal success coach you can be both.

Success Coaching Strategy #3: Let Go of the Past

A lot of people get hung up on past wounds, allowing them to be excuses for not achieving what they want. Become a personal success coach who takes a stand for your clients, holding them accountable to the fact that they are 100% responsible for their own thoughts, feelings and actions. Through success coaching, empower your clients. Instill in them a believe that if they don’t like something, they have the power to change.

Success Coaching Strategy #4: Relive Past Successes

Everyone has had successful moments when they have felt, if only temporarily, powerful and unstoppable. Most people have trouble fully acknowledging these times, and within a few days can barely recall the event. It’s up to you as their personal success coach to show them all of our memories are stored in great detail, and we can relive them at any time we choose in great detail. Then use success coaching to help your clients use past successes as building blocks for future successes.

Success Coaching Strategy #5: Do Something Outside Your Comfort Zone Everyday

Who said, “If you want to become someone you’ve never been, you’re going to have to do something you’ve never done before?” As a personal success coach, you can use this success coaching strategy to help people start taking those small steps outside their comfort zone that will eventually bring them beyond any successes they could ever dream of.

Any of these success coaching strategies will help your help your clients start moving toward their goals. And you can use them in your own business as well. Don’t forget, the more you achieve, the more you will be able to offer as a personal success coach.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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